Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just Another Quick Lifestyle Update

Hey Beauties...
So it looks life has found its way of sneaking in and becoming between me and my blog, however I am determined to get back on track and into what I love doing. So I thought I'd give you all just a quick update as to why I haven't been blogging lately in hopes you will understand my absence!

The first and main reason I haven't been able to blog is because I currently have no laptop or computer which makes is hard for me to upload the pictures I desire onto my blog and also writing up posts on my iPad and iPhone is pretty hard. I am currently borrowing a friends laptop to write this post and hopefully get some future posts written up for you lovely lot.

The second and probably most important reason I haven't been able to get back into my blog as I had hoped is because I am still currently working on some major personal issues which I touched on in my previous post which you can catch up on HERE. As well as being busy with my daughter, housework and usual life commitments I have been focusing a lot of time and energy into my fitness and gym training, which you may have noticed if you follow me in instagram dee_scott7 where I have been posting my progress for the past 4-5 months!

I am thinking of adding more lifestyle posts into my blog once I get back on track with it as I feel it will benefit me and will work more around my busy schedule. If there are any type of posts you would like to see from me then please do not hesitate to comment below or tweet me @dee_scott7 and I will work on getting them done for you, that goes for any of the subjects I touched upon in my previous post or if you would like to see some fitness posts in the future. I will continue to do beauty post as and when I can however I cannot set a schedule as of yet.

I hope you understand my absence, and I would like to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone that has stuck around and supported me while I have been gone! Now hopefully lets get this show back on the road and  back to normal!


  1. Hope your doing well hun, miss reading your posts. I think you should do some posts about your fitness journey and gym routines x

  2. I have missed you but glad I have you on Facebook and Instagram now though hun and hope you are ok xx

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