Friday, 2 May 2014

Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream | Review

Hey Beauties...
Being a mum, that gets hardly any sleep, I'm always on the hunt for something that will help reduce my puffy eyes and dark circles. So when I was asked to try out Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream* I jumped at the chance! Queen Cosmetics claim this cream will 'Sooth tired, puffy eyes while reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles' now to me that sounds like a winner! 

Queen Cosmetics have been around in the UK since 1927, founded by three eminent dermatologists, making skincare and make-up with 1005 committed to sensitive skin, making them unique amongst the Beauty industry. You can read their full philosophy here.

Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream | £20.00
 The eye cream comes in a very nice plastic bottle, with a handy pump which is easy to dispense the product without causing waste. The bottle also sits nicely on your dressing table and looks appealing, with simple yet effective packaging. There is a little description on the back explaining what the product does and how to apply it to get the best out of the product. Its suggests applying starting from the outer corners of the eyes and gently pat in toward the inner corners using your fingertips. You should apply twice a day.

The product itself is really silky smooth in consistency and not too heavy around the eyes so it doesn't weigh them down like some creams can. The gel-like cream feels cooling on the skin and is very gentle under the eye area, it really does feel soothing on tired eyes. The cream is really easy to apply, a little goes a long way and it blends in the skin like a dream leaving the eye area moisturised and refreshed.

I have used this for a good 3 weeks now so I feel I have tested this product best to its ability. I admit I was expecting a lot from this product and I can happily tell you it lived up to me expectations. Even Oli had noticed my puffy eyes had reduced quite a bit from only a few uses of this product (unfortunately I couldn't get pictures). The cream didn't irritate my sensitive eyes and was a pleasant relief in the mornings when my eyes are usually the most puffy, especially with the lack of sleep I get. 

Overall I really do love this eye cream and I have noticed a huge difference in my eye area since using it! I look more awake and refreshed and my eye area is so much more hydrated, even my concealers are working better for me! I have slightly noticed an improvement in the fine lines I have under my eyes, they don't appear as visiable as they used to be but nothing too drastic as I said I have only used it for 3 weeks!

I will continue to use this in my everyday skincare and I feel it has replaced my Simple Soothing Eye Balm that I love very much! I highly recommend this to everyone especially if like my you suffer with stubbon puffy eyes from lack of sleep!

Have you tried this or any other product from Queen Cosmetics? I'd love to know your thoughts on them! 


  1. I'd never heard of this brand before but this product sounds great, I've never found anything really helps with my puffy undereye area. Great review!

  2. ♥ Wow lovely blog you have, I was just browsing though & stumbled upon it - It's beyond beautiful with interesting posts. I'm following you via gfc now! Keep in touch x