Saturday, 10 May 2014

LUSH May Day Bath Bomb | Review

Hey Beauties...
While I was at the LUSH event in Norwich on the 2nd May to celebrate the opening of the LUSH Kitchen and launch of some new items, I couldn't resist picking up one of the new Bath Bombs, May Day.

The May Day Bath Bomb, is one of many demonstrations of all the work and effort Lush put in to help fight against animal testing and animal cruelty, also Lush's amazing work to support Charities around the world. Recently there has been a lot of talk of saving Badgers, against the Badger Culling in the UK. 
Badger Culling is a method used in the UK to reduce the amount of badgers as it is thought they spread cTB. With the help of the TB jab (most people receive in year 10 or 11 at school) and the use of many health control methods, there should no longer be the need for culling, however sadly it is still a huge thing. There are many organisations and charities set up to help fight against the Badger Culls and save the lives of many innocent badgers. 

The May Day Bath Bomb is one of many ways we can give to these charity's to help save them. Throughout the month of May, ALL proceeds (excluding VAT) will go directly to Anti-Badger Cull Projects here in the UK, including the 'Save Me' project and many more! This is a LIMITED EDITION product from Lush and is only available in the month of May.

Now onto the actual bath bomb itself:
May Day Bath Bomb | £2.95
This bath Bomb contains, Fennel oil which gives a strong aniseed scent and stimulates your skin, and anti-septic rosewood oil to soothe and uplift, both together will leave you feeling calm and revived. The scent is a distinctive sherbet aniseed scent, which fills the room it is stored in. 

Once in the bath the bomb/balistic, fizzes like crazy around the bath letting off its gorgeous fragrance, turning the bath a chalky colour, the scent fills the bathroom and lingers around for a good day after. Inside the bath bomb is a little note, that floats up on water, reminding us to help 'Keep those badgers alive' which I think is a really nice little touch! 

You can feel the oils in the water soaking into your skin, moisturising and nourishing as you lay in the softness of the water, breathing in the uplifting and calming fragrance. Once out the bath your skin feels so soft and revived and smells gorgeous like the bath bomb itself, for the whole next day, until you wash again (I used this at night). This bath bomb really does make you feel relaxed and gives you that uplifting refreshing feeling too, definitely my kind of bath bomb! It doesn't irritate my skin especially after shaving and keeps my legs feeling smooth.

Overall I absolutely love this bath bomb and everything it stands for! The only issue I can find with this, if there has to be one, is the fact that it is a LIMITED EDITION product and only available in May! I definitely think it should become a permanent product and we should help keep the badgers alive all year round! I highly recommend this if you need a nice relaxing and uplifting bath. Or if your just an animal lover and want to do your part to save the badgers! I for one will definitely try to pick some more of these up, before the go!

You can get these online at, they are very well packed to prevent damages during delivery, or from any LUSH store for just £2.95! We actually completely cleared out Lush Norwich when these were released but they have said they got more in today (Sat 10th May) So make sure you grab them while you can!

Have you tried this bath bomb yet? What do you think about it? Also what are your thoughts on the Badger Culling, are you against it? I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. Definitely bath bombs are a fun part of a pamper night. and Lush is doing well.

    check out my today's post.
    Happy Sunday,

    1. I am literally obsessed with Lush at the moment they seriously cant do any wrong in my eyes haha

      Much Love