Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lush Event Goody Bag | Haul

Hey Beauties...
While I was at the LUSH VIP Bloggers Party in Norwich on Friday (post), I was very kindly given a little goody bag with some treats inside, My mum did also purchase a bath bomb for me and I made my own bubble bar to take home for free. So I thought I would share with you all what I got inside my bag of treats. This isn't so much a haul as I didn't personally purchase any of the items but I figured you'd all like to see what I received, plus some of you have asked hehe!

So the first thing I noticed in the bag was one of their catalogues, which shows all the new products that have recently come out also the prices of all their goodies that are available online or in store. Also there were a couple of post cards with some information on the spa and parties they offer.

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie*
Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie | £16.50 / 200g
 The first product that was in the bag, I was kindly given, is a small 90g tub of Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie. I have never tried a shower smoothie from lush before so I'm quite excited to give this a try. This has a gorgeous scent of Roses. Packed with, Delicate Demask Roses, Rich Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil, this shower gel is said to leave you feeling soft and smooth all over.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask*
Catastrophe Cosmetics Face Mask | £6.25 / 75g
 At the event they had a huge bowl of this on show for us to have a look at and were kind enough to hand out samples for free. I have only ever used one Face mask from lush and I did love it so I'm really excited to be able to give this a try. This has fresh Blueberries in and smells absolutely amazing! The scent of this does remind me of palma violets a little, I'm not sure why though as its blueberry. This little gem is packed with Blueberries, Calamine and Camomile, rose, and Almond Oils, to provide a calming and moisturising mask that softens the skin. 

A French Kiss Bubble Bar*
A French Kiss Bubble Bar | £4.25
This is the other goody that was inside the bag. I have been picking up and putting back this bubble bar the past few times I've been in the store, so I'm really excited to finally be able to give this a try, maybe they spotted me eyeing it up haha! This Bubble Bar is jam packed with Lavender to help aid sleep, it also contains Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to give a lightly moisturising, non-greasy texture. This also claims to be kind on the skin and good for sore and burns. Well if I aids sleep I definitely need this and cant wait to try it out.

May Day Bath Balistic
May Day Bath Balistic | £2.95
 My mum treated my to this little fella, how cute is he! This bath bomb was definitely the most popular of the event as we completely cleared the stock (sorry). I'm Definitely glad I managed to get my hands on one when I had the chance! These cuties are Limited Edition, and all proceeds (minus VAT) go towards anti-badger cull projects in the UK, to help save the poor little badgers! The scent of this bath bomb is so strong! It contains Fennel oil, to stimulate your skin and Anti-septic rosewood oil to sooth and uplift. I used this last night, so keep an eye out for my review soon!

The Comforter Bubble Bar*
Comforter Bubble Bar | £4.50
My favourite LUSH Bubble bar has always been the Comforter, it smells amazing of blackcurrant, I was so excited to be able to make my own one and take home, as I have been repurchasing this for the past year or so. I highly recommend this bubble bar to anyone and everyone.

So that is everything that I had in my little bag of treats from lush I can't wait to try them all out and let you know what I think of them! It was definitely a lot of fun going to the event and making my own bubble bar, you can read my full post on the event, here

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think of them? Please let me know!


  1. nice goodies, the shower smoothie with rose scent sounds relaxing :)

    1. Thanks! I know doesnt it just! I haven't got round to using it yet but I cant wait hehe!

      Much Love

  2. I really want to try Turkish Delight, sounds so lovely! I'm awaiting a delivery from LUSH and that cute little badger is one of the things I ordered :) I really recommend mask of magnaminty and FUN :)

    Hayley x


    1. I still havent got round to trying it yet but I'm looking forward to hehe! Oooo what did you think of the Badger bath bomb? I got another one hehe!

      ahh my 3 year old daughter loves fun! we get the pink one all the time but recently switched to the orange one and I managed to get my hands on Fun with a twist from the Lush Kitchen hehe love it!! heard alot of good things about that mask though :)

      Much Love