Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sleek i-Divine 'Showstoppers' Limited Edition Palette | Review

Hey Beauties...
Sleek Make-up are one of the many brands and companies that have teamed up with Superdrug to bring us some Limited Edition goodies, to celebrate Superdrug achieving 50 successful years on the highstreet (post). Sleeks contribution to this comes in the form of a i-Divine Palette called the 'Showstoppers' Palette. I love superdrug, I love sleek and I love Limited Edition products, plus I'm a sucker for packaging! So I just had to get my hands on this palette! 

From what I have read the 'Showstoppers' palette has already been released Limited Edition in 2013, so sleek have brought it back for another round, which is nice if, like me, you didn't grab it first time. However you will not find this on the sleek website (I have looked). I do think the palette is aptly named for the occasion and I can see why they brought this one back, but it would of been nice to have a brand new Limited Edition palette maybe with more 'Superdrug' colours? 

The outer packaging of the palette has been custom designed for Superdrug and I really do like it, I also love the way sleek label their Limited Edition Palettes with gold writing on the actual palette itself showing us the name and that it's Limited Edition. It really gives it an extra special, sophisticated touch. 

Sleek i-Divine 'Showstoppers' Palette | £7.99
 The 'Showstoppers' palette contains 12 New shades, all named after some of sleeks popular i-Divine palettes, althought some are featured in the previous palettes. The palette, like most i-Divine palettes, contain a nice balance of matte, shimmer and glitter shadows perfect for creating a full eye look with just one palette. This palette ranging from gorgeous light day time shades, to stunning deep evening shades, perfect for every occasion. 

So let me show you these beautiful shades.

-Paraguaya: A silky matte shade which is great as a base shadow, or just a nude shadow.

-Sunset: A burgundy brown shimmer with gold flecks. 

-Me, Myself & Eye: A white Shimmer, great for a highlight, in the inner corners ect.

-Bad Girl: Deep Olive Green shimmer with gold flecks.

-Noir: Gun metal Grey shimmer with silver fleck.

-Ultramattes v2: Deep matte Black, very matte and pigmented, does have fallout.

-Oh So Special: Silky matte dusky grey, not overly pigmented.

-Bohemian: Silky/velvet matte light coral.

-Storm: Matte Navy Blue, a little chalky.

-Sparkle: Stunning Champaign shimmer with silver flecks.

-Au Natural: Matte deep Purple with silver micro glitters. 

-Graphite: Bronze, Brown shimmer with copper flecks.

So they are all the shades from their Showstoppers Palette, if you are a long time fan of sleek, you may recognise some shades from their previous palettes, however I am not too familiar with their older palettes. I do however think the shades in this palette are gorgeous and fit every occasion and season nicely.

The shadows are nicely pigmented, although I did struggle with 'Oh So Special' as it is probably the only shade in the palette that doesn't have the best pigmentation. The only use I have found for 'Paraguaya' is a good base for applying 'Bohemian' as 'Bohemian' is a matte also. My three favourite shades I am currently loving and getting a lot of use from are 'Sunset' 'Bohemian' and 'Sparkle'. The Shadows do last pretty well, with and without a primer, I found without a primer they last a good 5-6 hours before creasing and my lids can be quite oily. Although I do like to apply a primer before had just to achieve the best results. 

Overall I love this palette and have definitely been getting a lot of use out if it recently! It is Limited Edition and exclusive to Superdrug so make sure you snap it up ASAP if you think this is the palette for you! You can order online at or in selected Superdrug stores for just £7.99! Another reason why I love this palette! It's so affordable! 

Have you got your hands on this palette yet? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know below. 


  1. Looks a lovely palette

    1. it is stunning! They have been coming out with some amazing palettes lately!

      Much Love

  2. Ahh, totally in love with that palette! I am loving the matte coral color the most, it sticks out like a sore thumb! Great review hun!

    1. It's gorgeous palette isn't it! I think the coral is my favourite colour of the palette :)

      Much Love

  3. Looks really pretty - too bad it's a Superdrug exclusive. /pout! I'm really loving the all of their palettes!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! I do love their palettes they are definitely a staple in my collection at the moment! :)

      Much love