Thursday, 17 April 2014

LUSH | Mini Haul

Hey Beauties...
If you follow me on Twitter, you may, know on Wednesday I took Tia on a little trip to Norwich. Partly because I needed to get my phone fixed, but mostly Tia's been dying to go on a train, I was meant to get her some new clothes but there wasn't really anything, and I promised her she could get some Lush goodies for her baths, as she keeps pinching mine and Oli's haha. So as you all know I have become largely addicted to Lush I thought I would share with you the goodies Tia and myself picked up! 

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds | £4.50
This bubble bar is one of Olis favourites and from time to time Tia would ask for a 'blue' bath, same as Daddy's, she does often use my Comforter bubble bar or the Brightside bubble bar, which I bought her last time (she's used it all now though) So I gave her the choice, Pink, Orange or Blue. She decided on blue haha. To be honest this one is best for her bed time baths as it is relaxing for her.

The Bunny Bubble Bar
Bunny Bubble Bar | £3.25
The Bubble Bubble Bar has been a huge favourite of mine since its release, I have 2 stocked up in my little stash that Tia keeps trying to pinch from me, she was quite excited when I let her choose one out for herself! I think she just like the novelty of it! The bunny is inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland and is only around for Easter! So make sure you go grab one ASAP! You won't regret it! My review here.

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb x2
Ickly Baby Bot | £1.95 / each
The Ickle Baby Bot is the little gem that got Oli into having 'Lush' baths, hes very much a shower man, but when our shower broke he had to have a bath so we got one of these to make his baths more 'Manly' and since then hes been hooked. Also Tia had put one of these in a bath for Oli and has been desperate to get one for herself, she'd been asked a few days before Norwich, of course we had to get one for Daddy too, Tia wouldn't let me leave the shop without his one. 

Inhale Exhale Bath Ballistic x2
Inhale Exhale Ballistic | £3.25 / each
These Inhale Exhale Ballistics I did actually pick up for myself, I was so happy to see they still had them as they are Limited Edition for Mothers day, so naturally I got two! These are A-MAZ-ING!! you just need one, or two, or three! You can read my full review on these here to see why I love them so much! They need to be made permanent, all year round! 

So that is all the goodies me and Tia picked up in lush, she did have her eye on the Dorothy Bubble bar, so I think I will be picking that up for her next time I'm round that area. 

Have you tried any of the goodies I purchased? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know.


  1. I am SO jealous I don't have a bath so I can't enjoy all these treats, look lovely xx

    1. Aww don't worry they do some lovely shower treats too!! you need to get King Of Skin! Its incredible!!

      Much love

  2. Its always good to have a Lush stash for those busy stressful days xx

    Along Came Kelly x

    1. I have quite a stash tucked away! I can't get enough! Tia loves it too! I love that they are good for the whole family!

      Much love