Thursday, 10 April 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water | Review

Hey Beauties...
Micellar water has very quickly become a huge hit in the beauty world recently. I personally find it very difficult to use normal facial cleansers, due to time and the pure fact I can't stand my face being wet or anything covering my face, it gives me mini panic attacks, which usually leaves me using face wipes to remove make-up and cleanse my face. So when I discovered Micellar Cleansing water, it was literally a life saver for me and my skin! I have used B.Pure micellar water in the past and I fell in love with it but I was running low and needed a new one so I thought I would try the highly spoken about Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, I love Garners moisturisers so I was excited to try this.

I managed to find this in Savers for just £2.99!! Can you believe it! Not on any sort of offer this is standard price. Where as in boots and superdrug its £4.99 I definitely couldn't pass this up so I decided to give it a try! Besides it was cheaper then the B.Pure one I used to use.

Garnier claim their cleansing water will give you "Perfectly cleanse and refreshed skin without rubbing or rinsing" saying it work "Like a magnet" capturing and lifting away dirt from the skin with no need to rub to remove impurities or make-up! Sounds like my kind of deal!

The bottle itself is an impressive 400ml! where as B.pure Micellar water is only 150ml and L'oreal's is 200ml! It says on the bottle that you can get 200 uses from this bottle, sounds impressive, but when you look on the back it says that's based on 2ml per cotton pad, so would translate to 200 cotton pads with 2ml of product on. I tend to use at least 4 cotton pads, one for each eye, one for the whole face and one to just go over again, with just a splash of product on, not sure if you can see in the picture above just how much product per pad I use. So far I have used a pack of 80 cotton pads and have barely used a third of the product. quite impressive.

The dispenser on the bottle of this Micellar water, is your standard flip lid cap, which is easy to open and secure, allowing the product to drip out to avoid wastage and gives you full controll of how much product is dispensed. There is a dribble of product that gets left on the cap but its the smallest amount and is easily wiped off. 

As for the product it's self I have been using this for 3 weeks no and right from the very first use, I fell in love with it! It has a lovely silky feel to it when applying to the face and removed all of my make-up with no trouble at all, even my mascara was fully removed with no rubbing at all, I like to leave the cotton pad on my eye for a few seconds to let the product sink in before wiping away, this gently removed my eye make-up and i just had to go around the hard to reach places and it was all completely gone. I have issues with most eye make-up removers as they sting my eyes, even water can irritate my eye area, or I end up with too much liquid on my face for what I'm comfortable with. However this is so soft and gentle on the eye area, it literally felt like silk on skin. 

The product takes a few seconds to dry on the skin, and while its drying there is a period of time the product does make the skin feel tight, but once dry it leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby bottom! Over the 3 weeks of using this I have also notice a change in the appearance of my skin, the pimples on my chin have gone, the redness on my cheeks and nose have reduced quite a bit and my face feels softer then ever all day! I would even go as far as to say my make-up has started applying better as well. It may be other factors that have made my skin change so much but I have really noticed it since using this product, so I'm putting it down to this!

Overall I absolutely LOVE this product and feel Garner have really impressed me with this product and upped their game recently. I highly recommend this product to everyone and anyone! I can honestly tell you I will now no longer be using face wipes to remove my make-up! I don't think I have actually used any face wipes since purchasing this product! So thank you Garner for saving my skin and breaking my terrible face wipe habit!

Have you tried Garners Micellar water yet? What are your thoughts on it? I'd love to know! If you haven't yet and want to I highly suggest getting down to Savers and picking it up for £2.99!


  1. I purchased this the other day and I've got to say that I'm loving it so far! Great post :-)

    Charlotte x

    1. Its amazing isn't it! It has literally save my skin lol Thank you!

      Much Love