Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint Collection | Review + Swatches

Hey Beauties...
Barry M have come out with yet another gorgeous collection and me being me, just had to pick them up! The Aquarium collection is inspirited by the gorgeous colours of the ocean and Caribbean. There are 6 different stunning colours in the collection 4 Mirror duel-toned Nail Paints and 2 stunning chunky glitter top coats.

Barry M Aquarium Mermaid | £3.99
Mermaid is one of the chunky glitter top coats. This one has chunks of Blue, Green and Gold  glitters and looks gorgeous on the top of Pacific and Arabian. As the glitter is chunky you can feel it across the nails, and the first coat of this can come out quite sparse so I like to apple two coats or dab the glitters on the nails.

Treasure Chest
Barry M Aquarium Treasure Chest | £3.99

Treasure Chest is the 2nd Gorgeous Chunky Glitter top coat in the collection. This one is definitely my favourite out of the two. It contains Gold and iridescent Rosy Pink chunk of glitter and looks stunning on the top of Caspian or Mediterranean. Just like Mermaid you can feel the chucks of glitters on the nail and does look best with two coats.

Barry M Aquarium Caspian | £3.99
Caspian is one of the 4 mirror duel toned Nail Paints in the collection. This is a gorgeous Gold duocrome with a hint of rosy pink. the effect of this polish in the sunlight is amazing! The Duel tones compliment each other perfectly and just remind me of a Greek goddess of some sort. I think this looks best with 3 coats as it is quite sheer.

Barry M Aquarium Mediterranean | £3.99
Mediterranean is also one of the 4 Mirror Duel toned Nail Paints. This polish is a stunning pink duocrome with a stunning copper orange running though it. This is probably my second favourite of the collection and goes perfectly with Caspian. Again I think this polish does look best with 3 coats.

Barry M Aquarium Arabian | £3.99
Arabian is a Golden green duocrome and personally I can see a hint of blue in this polish depending on the light. I'm not too sure on this colour I do like it but I think it will take a while to get use to. I feel 3 coats are best for this polish.

Barry M Aquarium Pacific | £3.99
Pacific is a metallic blue, I cant really notice a lot of duocrome going on with this one but there is possible a hint of green? I'm not sure! It definitely reminds me of the Pacific ocean though! 3 coats work best for this polish.

I don't think the above pictures quite do the polishes justice so I thought I would include some pictures of the polishes on my nails in different lights so you can see the effects better.

Mediterranean & Caspian 
Caspian & Mediterranean & Treasure Chest top coat
Pacific & Mermaid top coat
Arabian & Mermaid top coat

The formula of the Nail Paints is very sheer and runny, which I'm not a huge fan of, however after 3 coats the finish is stunning, so I can overlook that. Removing the Nail Paint can also be quite messy as the metallic shimmer in them goes all over your nails when removing. The top coats on the other hand, are pretty easy to apply, I like to add 2 coats just so I can get an even application of the glitter. Removing the top coats from the nails isn't really messy but I find it best to leave a cotton pad of remover on the nails for a few seconds before wiping away.

These Polishes lasted about 3 Days on my before chipping, which for me is pretty good as I constantly have my hands in water, always washing them and using cleaning products. So I am pretty impressed with these especially as the formula is so thin and I wasn't expecting them to last long at all. They dry pretty quickly too which is another unexpected bonus!

Overall I really like this Collection, and think they are a great alternative to Pastel shades this Spring/Summer. Personally I think these are more Summer Shades for me so the sun can really make them sparkle. 

Have you tried any of these Nail Paints yet? What one(s) are your favourite from the collection? I'm in love with Caspian, Treasure Chest and Mediterranean. I'd love to know your thoughts.


  1. The colors in this collection are stunning! Duochromes are my favorites colors to wear. Great review and swatches!

    Chelsea |

    1. They just look so pretty in the sunlight! I love them!
      Thank you hun!
      Much Love

  2. Oh wow these look absolutely stunning and I love the names too so nice xxx

    1. They are so pretty aren't they! Not sure if I would say they're spring colours but definitely ones I'd wear in the summer :)

      Much Love

  3. The pacific and arabian are right up my street; beautiful! x

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