Thursday, 13 March 2014

Urban Decay 24/7 Double-ended Eye Pencil Naked3 | Review + Swatches

Hey Beauties...
One of the make-up items I picked up while out on my shopping trip with my mum in February was this Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil in the shade 'Naked 3' I first spotted these a while back while lusting after the Naked 3 palette in Debenhams and they had these beauties next to all the palettes, they have a style matching all of the naked palettes including the Naked basics. As my mum has purchased the Naked 3 for me I felt it was only appropriate I pick up  the pencil for it, right? hehe. I have tried one of UD 24/7 Glide-on eye pencils before as the 'Glenda' Palette came with 'Rockstar' So I knew roughly what to expect.

I really do love the fact they have a pencil for each Naked palette and each one incorporates the different tones of each palette, example: Naked pencil, is more earthy colours, Naked 2 pencil is more cooler/metallic. Naked 3 pencil is more purple toned and Naked basics is, well, basic toned. I am a little disappointed that Naked 3 and Naked basics are the only pencils to feature colours from the actual palettes themselves, it would have been nice if they all did that.

24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil - Naked 3 || £12.00
I do really like the packaging of these pencils, as with all UD products, they look sleek and have a tasteful edge to them. I also like how each pencil colour is separated with a silve band and a sticker with the name of the pencil, also the outer packaging of pencils are coloured the same as themselves, which is a nice touch as you know what sort of colour to expect.

So the two colours that are on the Naked 3 pencil are:

Darkside is described as a purple-taupe colour and I think is great for lining the upper lash line and bottom outer corners on a natural/light eye as it isn't too dramatic but still looks flatering. This colour is the second to last shade within the Naked 3 palette itself.

Blackheart is described as a smoky black with red micro-glitter. This looks gorgeous along the upper lash line and outer corners of any eye look and just adds a little sparkle to it. This colour is also featured in the Naked 3 palette itself and is the last colour in the palette.

I really love that the colours are actually taken from the palette itself which makes it a lot easier to co-operate them into an eye look created using the Naked 3 palette.
Urban Decay say these liners are; Creamy, Waterproof colour that lasts. 
Well I can honestly say I completely 100% agree! They are so creamy and literally do 'Glide-on' no tugging or scratching the eyes at all, leaving you with a gorgeous lined eye. The can be nicely blended to create a more dramatic smoky eye, don't be fooled though these are smudge proof and really do last all day! Not sure about 24 hours but I can confidently say that last over 14 hours. 

You can pick up these beauties, from any Urban Decay stand, such as Debenhams or House of Frazer for £12.00 which is an absolute bargain when you thing your getting two liners and one full sized liner is £14.00-£15.00. 

Overall I really love this products and definitely recommend picking this up especially if you have the Naked 3 palette I feel it will just complete any look. I am actually thinking of picking up the other colours to complete my collection. I do have the Naked Basics pencil aswell so keep an eye out for swatches of that too!

I do believe when the Naked Palette originally came out, it came with a double ended eye pencil instead of a brush. So I am intrigued to know if the pencil is the same as the Naked pencil they have released in this collection? If you know, please let me know it will be interesting to find out.

Have you tried the UD 24/7 liners yet? What are your thoughts on them? Are you lusting after these beauties? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I just love Urban Decay pencils, but haven't tried any from this double ended range. Dark side looks a great everyday shade.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    1. I love them too! Darkside is gorgeous definitely an everyday shade! Just perfect! You need to get this one! Love it! and a bargain at £12.00 hehe!

      Much Love