Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Shopping Day | Haul

Hey Beauties...
If you follow me on twitter you may already know, Monday I went to Norwich with Hayley from and Nyssa from missnyssbeautymagpie, for a little meet up, lunch and of course some shopping. I will admit I did end up buying a lot more then I had planned, or even budgeted for, so I thought I would put it all together and do a nice Haul for you all. 


Obviously the first place we went to was lush! My addiction to lush is becoming quite obsessive. I had only planned on getting 2 or 3 things from here but me being me ended up with 6! oops! I will be doing a seperate Haul post for these otherwise we would be here all night haha.


we obviously popped into Primark for a little nosey around. Now I must admit I'm not a huge primark junkie, but I do love their nightwear and a few little bits and pieces from there.

Robot Pyjamas | Top £5.00 | Bottoms £5

How cute are these! I bought some pjs from primark last time I went and loved them so I decided to treat myself to another pair. I just fell in-love with the cuteness of these with the little robots and "we found a spark" caption written on them. The bottoms are just your standard straight leg pj bottoms. I must admit me being so short, they come up massive on me on the leg but after one wash and tumble dry they shrink and end up perfect length. but they don't shrink anymore after that.

Bag | £8.00

My mum has been after a new bag for a while, so I decided to pick this one up for her as part of her mothers day gift, it's quite a decent size and I think will be able to fit a fair bit in. Plus I think the design is right up her street, so I hope she will like it :)

Beauty products:

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette £37.00 | MAC Lipstick Cockney £15.00 | MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Sample FREE | Sleek Garden of Eden Palette £7.99

I didn't really get a lot of beauty products as, there wasn't a great deal I was after, plus Oli would kill me for buying much more make-up after my previous shopping trip. The items I picked up are:
-Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: This is actually for my mum from my mums husband for their wedding anniversary next week. He asked me for some ideas so I told him, then I suggested picking it up for him.
-Mac Lipstick | Cockney: When I was in Norwich with my mum, I swatched this colour and fell in-love with it so I knew I had to pick it up this time.
-Mac Pro Longwear Foundation Sample | NW30: A while back I picked up a sample of this foundation a while back and they had colour matched me completely wrong, I loved the foundation though so I decided to pick up another sample in a darker shade.
-Sleek, Garden of Eden Palette: My Mum picked this palette up last time we went shopping and I just kicked myself for not picking it up myself, so I made sure I didn't miss out this time. It's gorgeous! So keep an eye out for my review post!

Disney Store:

Doc McStuffins Outfit £18.00 | Sofia Bag £1.50

Of course I couldn't forget about Tia while I was shopping. I'd promised her I'd come back with a little something for her, she's been really into Doc McStuffins lately, she has Lamby stuffy and the Doctors bag, so I decided to pick her up the Doc McStuffins Outfit I just couldn't resist picking it up. While I was at the till, they managed to talk me into getting a cute Sofia the First re-usable Bag even though it was actually too small for the item I had but I know Tia likes to help with with the shopping so I figured why not, she will love it!
Safe to say, Tia loved them both and was so happy when I walked through the door with them! 

So that's all the goodies I picked up while I was shopping! Make sure you keep an eye out for my 'Lush' Haul post which should be up soon!

Have you tried any of the products I purchased? What are your thoughts on them? What's your favourite item out of the goodies I bought? 
I'd love to know, so please leave a comment and I will reply.


  1. Wow.. you really did spend LOL. Great haul! I still don't own a MAC lippie! The nearest MAC counter is like an hour away from me.. nightmareee. I love Primark PJs too xx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks

    1. When I shop I shop hahaha i wasn't sure if spending £15 on a lipstick untill I took the plunge and bought 1 last summer... I now have 7 hahaha my closest counter is 40 odd mins away :(

      Thank You
      Much Love

  2. I have been loving your blog recently - you post so often, it's great!
    Looks like you had a successful shopping trip, I'm most jealous of the Urban Decay palette and also the robot pyjamas!
    Jo x
    Your Average Jo

    1. Thank you so much! Its so nice to hear such positive feedback :) I'm glad your loving my blog hehe!
      The naked 3 is definitely worth the splurge! This one was for my mum n she absolutely loves it :)
      Thank you so much for the comment made my day!

      Much Love

  3. Wow massive haul! Still need to get the Naked 3 palette haha. Aww bet Tia will look so cute in that Doc McSuffins outfit x

    1. What can I say! When I shop... I shop haha probably a good job it doesn't happen often haha! Naked 3 is definitely worth it! She does look adorable in it bless her!

      Much Love