Monday, 3 March 2014

Make-up Monday || Detox Your Make-up Bag with Living Nature

Hey Beauties...
A bit of a different Make-up Monday post for you all this week. More and more people recently are becoming more aware of what chemicals and ingredients are actually in the products we use on a daily basis. So maybe its now time, to switch up our make-up, ditch the harmful chemicals & ingredients and bring in safe, skin friendly mineral make-up, give our make-up bags a good and well needed Detox  so to speak. I know it sounds daunting, what if mineral make-up isn't as good quality as what we're used to? How will I know what mineral make-up to choose?

Well let me introduce Living Nature to you all! They are a Certified Natural Skincare and Cosmetics brand from New Zeland, who use only 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances, and their full range is certified 100% Natural by BDIH Germany. With Living Nature you can also rest easy knowing that the make-up you’re placing on your face, each and every day, is gentle and kind to your skin as well as good for your health too.  Their Certified Natural Mineral Cosmetics are guaranteed  to help enhance your natural beauty.

I was very kindly sent some lovely products to try out and share with you all, which I think are a great way to begin detoxing my make-up bag.

For the face:
Illuminating Foundation*
Illuminating Foundation | Day Glow £27.49
This is foundations if very light coverage which gives your complexion a soft radiance and minimises the appearance of fine lines, I would say this is more of a tinted moisutiser then a foundation. I love how light it feels on the face and really does give you a nice glow, there are quite a lot of shimmer particles in this so I feel it is best use either mixed with a mineral foundation for more overage, or applied very lightly using you fingers working from the centre of the nose out. With this product a little really does go along way.

For the eyes:
Eye Pencil - Midnight*
Eye Pencil | Midnight | £14.49
I have recently switched up my usual eye liner pencil for this Deep Black Eye pencil, which is very soft and gentle to apply to the eyes, it doesn't tug or pull on the eyes at all. Leaving you with a gorgeous dark lined eye. This pencil is made with Vegitable waxes which helps to provide smooth application and also makes it kind to the skin and eye area.

For the Lips:
  Lipstick - Precious*
Lip Stick | Precious | £19.99
What if I told you that on average, we ingest 2.4 kilos of lipstick in our lifetime, pretty gross huh? But did you know some of the lipsticks we ingest also contain lead, which is a dangerous neurotoxin. Half the lipsticks tested by the campaign for safe cosmetics in 2007 contained lead! Hopefully that number has drastically decreased! Your all checking the ingredience of your favourite lipstick now aren't you (I know I did!)  
I have been looking for the 'perfect' nude for quite some time now and when I tried this lipstick from Living Nature I was very please to say this is definitely it! The finish on this feels soft, creamy and good quality. The lasting power is pretty impressive to, it lasted on me for a good 5-6 hours before showing any signs of fading, I love it. Knowing its 100% safe and not tested on animals I have to say has made this lipstick earn a spot in my top 3 favourites.

Overall I am extremely surprised and impressed with the products that Living Nature have to offer. I highly recommend that you go through you make-up bag and replace some products with some from this brand! You can find out more about the brand and brows their products at More then anything I highly recommend trying out their lipsticks!

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in some way! 
Have you tried any mineral make-up before? If you have I'd love to know what brand or what items you have tried.

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