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'Lush' Mothers Day | Gift guide

Hey Beauties...
So here in the UK, Mothers Day (Mothering Sunday) is just around the corner, it's the 30th March in case your not too sure. Being a mum myself, to a 3 year old, I can honestly tell you there is no greater gift then peace and some good old fashion 'ME' time. I do love being a mum and wouldn't change it for the world but we all need a break right? I always see perfumes being advertised as the 'Perfect' gift for Mothers Day, and as much as I love them and do love the little gift sets, I thought it would be nice to mix it up a little bit. What better way to help your Mum achieve the perfect pamper day/evening then with some gorgeous goodies from the Mothers Day collection from Lush.

Here are a few little bits that I just think would make a great gift this year and will definitely be different from the usual perfumes and lotions, plus this may be a little hint as to what I would like this year hehe!

So let me start off with the Lush Bubble wands. I always eye these up in the lush store every time I go in. Th Mum's reusable bubble wands are back with the best selling fragrances in a re-usable bubble wand especially for mum. This year they have blended bath bomb into the mum's formula, making it so much easier to release the bubbles. Just hold under running water to produce gorgeous fragranced bubbles.

There are three wands to choose from in the Mum's collection these are:

Mum Tulip
Mum Tulip re-usable Bubble Wand | £5.25
Did you know Tulips are also the emblem of International Woman's Day in Russia. So this is just the perfect choice for a Mother's Day Bubble Wand. This wand hold the same fragrance as the very popular sex bomb bath bomb. It contains Ylang Ylang,  Jasmine and Clary sage oils to help provide a relaxing bath and help you unwind and melt your troubles away.

Madame Butterfly
Madame Butterfly Re-usable Bubble Wand | £5.25
This pretty pink Butterfly Bubble Wand is fragranced with Rose absolute and a hint of lemon just like the rose jam bubbleroom. Providing a calming and uplifting bath, to give the impression of bathing in a garden of roses on a gorgeous summers day.

 The Mum
The Mum Re-usable Bubble Wand | £5.25
 The name for this wand is short for ChrysantheMUM, the gorgeous yellow flower is fragrenced with the same sweet caramel fragrence as the Global best selling 'Honey I Washed the Kids' soap. Cram packed with sweet wild Orange and Bergamot Oils for their toning effect and Mushroom powder for its anti-inflammatory. This bubble wand is sure to leave mum's skin feeling silky soft, smelling delicious and lift her mood.

I definitely want to be picking up a couple of these wands if I can. They all sound amazing. 
This year Lush have produced some gorgeous new products such as:

Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb
Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb | £3.25
 This *new* bath bomb has two halves. The inhale half, fizzes quickly alowing mum to breath in the light and fruity neroli oand rose to relax, before she then lies back, beathes out slowly and enjoys the grounding effect of the Exhale half, fragranced with Cedarwood and revitalising lemon and grapefruit. The second half fizzes more slowly to give mum an even longer lasting soak. This sounds like my kind of bath bomb!

The Rose Bubble Bar
The Rose Bubble Bar | £2.95
New this year Lush present us with the beautifully crafted Rose Bubble Bar, this is a gorgeous work of art inside and out, I do have this bubble bar and will be doing a full review soon. As the design and name suggest, this bubble bar is fragranced with Turkish Rose absolute and Lemon oil to transform any Mums bath time experience to a place of tranquillity and calm. It contains Cocoa butter and rosehip oil to leave the skin feeling soft and silky, Like a rose petal. 

Mumkin Bubble Bar
Mumkin | £2.95
 The Mumkin was a huge favourite with everyone last year, so Lush decided to bring it back for us all to lust over again this year. Mumkin is well known for her beautiful fruity fragrance and turning the bath water deep pink. Plus she just looks so darn cute!! The Mumkin has a unique fragrance of a fresh punnet of raspberry's mmmm. I will definitely be picking this cutie up next time I'm in Lush.

Of course Lush have provided us with a gorgeous selection of gift goodies to give to mum.
Two of the ones I really like the look off are:

Hello Sweetie Gift
Hello Sweetie Gift | £10.50
The *new* Hello Sweetie Knot-Wrap Gift contains two gorgeous smelling little treats for mum to use in the shower, The Rock Star soap and Sweetie Pie shower Jelly. This definitely makes the perfect gift for Dad to treat mum or even as a 'Just because' gift. I like the idea of these especially for mum's that maybe prefers showers and can still enjoy the sweet goodness from Lush.

MUM Gift Tin
MUM Gift Tin | £28.95
 This gorgeous *new* MUM Gift Tin Definitely Caught my eye! It give our mum a choice of five gorgeous bath goodies for Mum to enjoy.
The MUM tin contains:
- The Rose Bubble Bar
-Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb
-Mumkin Bubble Bar
-Secret Garden Bath Bomb
-Mum Re-usable Bubble Wand
-100ml tub of Dream Cream hand and body lotion
-Trial size of Gorgeous Moisturiser

The tin can also be re-used to store all of mum's goodies to keep them safe, or for anything else she wishes to use it for.
This will definitely encourage any mum to take time out for herself and relax. I know I definitely will!

I hope you liked this post, just something a little different from the usual gift guides. I'm very much becoming hugely addicted to lush so all these goodies are right up my street! I definitely want to receive the MUM tin! 

What's your favourite from the Mothers Day collection? and what goodies will you be spoiling you Mum's with this year? I'd love to know.

**Disclaimer: ALL pictures are copyright and owned by LUSH Ltd. I was sent the pictures to feature in this post, and information on the products, however I was not asked or paid to write this post. All views are 100% my own**


  1. Aw those lush products look absolutely adorable <3 so cute!

    1. I know how cute are they! I want them all! haha!!

      Much Love

  2. The mumkin is soooo cute! Great post :)

    Hayley x

    1. How adorable does it look! I actualy picked this up when I was in Norwich it smells incredible! just like fresh raspberries mmmm

      Much Love

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