Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lush | Inhale Exhale | Review

Hey Beauties...
As I mentioned in my Lush HaulI picked up a couple of the Mother's Day range. I've been  trying them out recently and decided to share my thoughts with you. The one I am most excited to share with you is the New Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb. 

This little gem, I mentioned in my 'Lush' Mothers Day Gift Guide, is a new addition to the Mother's Day range from Lush, for 2014. This bath bomb has two halves, created with the two halves of Lush's Breath of God fragrance, inhale and exhale. The two sides fizz at different speeds to create a longer lasting 'indulgent' bath, perfect excuse for mum to escape just that little bit longer. Or for anyone that enjoys a longer, more relaxing bath.

Inhale Exhale | £3.25

I will admit when I first saw the bath bomb I was expecting it to be a little bigger in size, but I guess good things come in small packaging ;) hehe. I wasn't overly keen on the smell either, I just couldn't decide if I liked it or not, or what the smell reminded me of. But that didn't put me off, I had read up a lot about this bath bomb and decided I just NEEDED it, for the perfect relaxing bath.

The bath bomb is very simple to use, there isn't any special way to use it. You just run a bath, like you would normally, and just pop it in the bath and watch it go.

As I mentioned, there are two sides to this bath bomb, Inhale and Exhale, both sides fizz at different speeds.

'Inhale' fizzes really quickly, darting across the bath from one side to the other just like a bath balistic, turning the bath a lovely red/orange and releases a light, fruity fragrance. Completely filling the room with the smell of neroli, rose, vetivert and ylang ylang, so you can take a deep breath in as you relax into the bath. The scent is really unusual, not one I would usually go for in a bath, I'd say its a dusky, fruity, evening smell.

Once your in the bath 'Exhale' starts to fizz, slowly making its way around the bath, turning the water a deep purple, with a more intense woody and smoky scent. Releasing sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and a hint of grapefruit into the air. So you can lie back and breath out as you let the aroma fill the room as the two scents eventually come together creating a perfectly relaxing bath. I'm not too sure on the actual fragrances themselves but I can honestly say they do create the most relaxing and calming bath! 

The 'exhale' half takes about 20-30 minutes to completely dissolve. While I was laying back relaxing in the bath, soaking in the silky smooth moisturisers, I noticed a something in the water by my feet, I was a little freaked out at first but then realised it was a piece of paper. I thought maybe there was a label on the bath bomb that I missed or it was something my Daughter had nicely placed on the side of the bath. I picked it up opened it to reveal a little note.

Inside the bath bomb itself Lush have very sweetly folded up a little note that says: 

"Inhale, lay back under the water, listen to your heart beat, exhale and relax." 

I must admit after having a stressful day, this did put a smile on my face and really did relax me even more. You know when your a mum, close to completely stressing out then someone you don't know just gives you a hug, or puts their hand on your shoulder and just reminds you to breath calmly. Yeah it felt like that! We all need that little extra reminder to take it easy and have a little time to ourselves to forget the world, not just us mums. 

Overall I absolutely love this bath bomb and find it super relaxing and so moisturising. After the bath I actually managed to get a whole 8 hours undisturbed sleep, which is unusual for me. I really do wish it was in the permanent collection, but unfortunately this beauty will only be available for a few more weeks so make sure you grab it while you can! I definitely will be stocking up soon.

Have you tried this bath bomb yet? Do you love it as much as I do? I'd love to know your thoughts on it!


  1. I love Lush bath bombs, and so does my little boy, so will definitely be giving this a go x

    1. My whole family (me, Oli and Tia) are addicted to lush! its amazing! This bath bomb is so relaxing! definitely grab it while they still have it!!

      Much Love