Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lush Spring 2014 | Haul

Hey Beauties...
So as I mentioned in my Haul Post, I popped into Lush when I was in Norwich on Monday. I decided to do a separate post for what I bought from lush, purely because I bought a fair bit and it would just be too much to put into one post. I think we all know by now I love Lush! I seriously can't get enough of it! Most of the things I picked up are from their Mothers Day collection, or Easter collection.
So lets just get straight into it!

The Bunny Bubble Bar
Bunny Bubble Bar | £3.25
Of course I picked up another bunny bubble bar! I mean look how cute this little thing is! I absolutely love this bubble bar it smells amazing and just leaves the skin feeling sooo soft! You can see my full review here.

Brightside Bubble Bar
Brightside Bubble Bar | £4.50
 This is a family favourite in my household. So I just had to pick one up for Tia, she uses Oli's at the moment so we decided to get her, her own bubble bar to use. Brightside is the same size as the comforter bubble bar so can be broken up to give you quite a few baths, depending on how much you like to use. You can read my review on this bubble bar here.

Mum Tulip Bubble Wand
Mum Tulip Re-usable Bubble Wand | £5.25
I've heard a lot about these bubble wands, but I haven't tried them out before. There are three in the Mum range and after having a good smell of them all I decided the Mum Tulip was the one I liked the most. This bubble wand has a gorgeous floral scent, with Ylang Ylang, Jasmin and Clary safe oils and was created for the most indulgent of baths, to help you relax and feel refreshed. I definitely can't wait to give this little beauty a swirl! hehe!

 Mumkin Bubble Bar
Mumkin Bubble Bar | £2.95
 How adorable is this little fella! This cutie smells strongly of fresh raspberries, to give you a really uplifting bath, and make you feel as fresh as spring. I've heard a fair bit about this little gem and just had to pick one up to try! I don't think I will be able to put the whole thing in the bath though he's just too cute!

Inhale Exhale 
Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb | £3.25
This little unique Bath Bomb really caught my eye. The Inhale half fizzes quickly allowing you to breath in the noroli rose oil, then sit back relax and enjoy the calming effect of Exhale, which fizzes slowly to give a nice long-lasting relaxing bath. I have recently tried this out and I love it! I think I will be putting up a review on it, it really is that good!

 King of Skin 
King Of Skin Body Butter | £5.50
While in Lush one of the Lovely woman that work there decided to show us how the golden egg works and if we would be completely covered in glitter, the answer is no but you do come out a little shimmery. Anyway after this I was talking to her a little longer and she showed me the king of skin in shower body butter, she tried a little on my arm and showed me how to use it, while in the shower or bath you just rum it over your skin and then have one last rince. I instantly fell in-love with it and decided I have to have one! I was thinking of getting one for Oli aswell but it contains almond oil, just means he can't pinch mine now. I cant wait to use this again I definitely think it will be great to use after shaving your legs as my legs get so dry after. 

So that is everything I got from lush, I had only intended on spending about £15 in lush.... erm.. yeah may have gone a little over haha! 

Check out my Lush Mothers Day Gift Guide if you would like to learn more about some of the Mothers Day goodies I've mentioned 

Have you tried any of the goodies I've mentioned above? If so I'd love to know what you thought of them! What's your favourite from the Spring collections out at the moment?


  1. These bath bombs are so cute!!

    1. I know I coulnd't pass them up! I could of come home with alot more!! I had to restrain myself haha!

      Much Love

  2. Wow you got loads of lovely things

    1. Thank you aren't they just adorable :) hehe
      Much Love

  3. the mumkin bubble bar looks cute and the king of skin body butter sounds and looks interesting

    1. It's just the cutest isn't it! I couldn't walk out without it haha! Oh king of Skin is incredible! Highly recommend it!

      Much Love