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Valentines Day || What About The Men?

Hey Beauties...
So Valentines day is coming up and we all have been seeing a lot of post going around, Gift guides, wish lists, date ideas and so on (which I love to read). So I thought I would do a fun little twist on a Valentines post, and try to focus on the men. After all more women read blog posts then men do right?

 Every year its seems we get more and more drawn into the materialistic side of Valentines day and how men should treat the woman on Valentines day. Which got me thinking, What if we sat for a minute and ask what the wonderful men in our lives think about valentines day and what THEY really want. Don't get me wrong I love being treated and waited upon, and this is by no means to say I don't like valentines day.

So I managed to get four lovely men kind enough to answer 3 questions for me about Valentines day, just to see what they would say.

The questions I asked were:
1. What do you think of Valentines Day?
2.What is YOUR ideal Valentines Day? (realistically)
3.What are you plans for Valentines Day this year?

Their answers:

1.I think valentines it's just another money spinner really. ideal valentines we be just spending the day together relaxing watching films really.
 3.I'll be spending my day just like that just hopefully with a bit of "fun" at the end :-)

1. It's nice to dedicate a day to your partner to show your love towards them. 
2. Doing a fun activity followed by a early dinner and a night in. 
3. I have a meeting with a client that will take up my whole day and evening to provide feedback (so work).

Tom T: 
1.I think valentines days nice when your with someone and a bit mean to the people who aren't with someone. I have no problem with it.
2.My ideal valentines would be to take my Girlfriend to Italy and stay in a nice hotel and eat at nice restaurants 
3.Our actual plans are sitting in on Friday, probably with a bottle of wine watching a film. 

1.Valentines day should be a day that you spend with your partner. However due to falling in weekdays this is made difficult! Instead we have to go to work then attempt to spend time together in the evening, when were both tired. It's a time to spend a few hours uninterrupted with your loved one with no distractions eg mobiles ect. Remembering past happy memories and rekindling that flame that first brought you together!

2.My ideal valentines day would start with a light breackie in bed together, followed by "cuddles". After getting up we would go out for the day some where new have lunch and possibly do some shopping. Upon returning home I would go to the gym to buff up giving my partner time to "freshen up" I would bring dinner home with me (as no one wants to be washing up :-) ) after a delightful dinner it would be time to relax and let food go down before "setting in for the evening, having even more "cuddles" before bed :-)"

3.As above with the exception of morning, lunch as we both have to work :-( 
But a hotel room might be on the cards for added excitement :-)

So that's what a handful of men out there think to valentines. I was pleasantly surprised by their answers to be honest. But just shows men do have a softer side and it's not all about money and gifts! Myself and Oli rarely buy each other gifts on Valentines day if we do its a little something nothing fancy and we do the same every year, one of us will cook a stake and we will enjoy a nice quiet night in watching a film while Tia's in bed.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and got some insight into a man's mind on valentines.
I really do feel that sometimes men are taken for granted and deserve to be treated aswell, after all they (some) do work every hard to support us, and our little (ok huge) obsessions.
Lets not forget Valentines day isn't all about gifts and spending money, it's about showing each other how much they mean to us!  

So what will you be doing for the Man in your life this Valentines? 

Much Love

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