Friday, 28 February 2014

Shopping Spree 2014 || Mother/Daughter Day || Haul

Hey Beauties...
As you may know, on Tuesday (25th) myself and my Mum, went on our annual shopping trip, to get my Christmas present and enjoy a mother\daughter day together. Its something we do every year and has become a nice little tradition for us. Tuesday was also my blogs first birthday (Birthday Post & Giveaway HERE) In my birthday post, I mentioned I would be doing a haul post today to show you all the lovely items I managed to pick up on my shopping trip. You can check out last years (HERE
I will just say, everything I bought I saved hard for and I have also been on a spending ban for the past 2 months so I went all out this year haha!

So to start with the first place we went to was the O2 store as I needed a new Iphone5 charger (surprise, surprise)

Juice Iphone5 Cable | £15.00 || Juice Cube Emergency Gadget Charger | £19.99

The man in the O2 store recommended this Juice Charger as opposed to the original Apple chargers as it is meant to last longer, and be more durable. So far so good but I will keep you posted!
I am always running out of battery on my Iphone5 when I am out and about so this sounds like just the gadget I need! It's small as well so will fit nicely in my bag, let me know if you want a review?

We then went to pizza hut! Yummy!! Then continued with he rest of our shopping, we looked around first and didn't actually buy anything for the first 3 hours or so (excluding the above) so on with the rest of the haul, in no particular order:

JD Sports:

Vans Ferris Lo Pro || £45.00 £35.00 (£30.00 on website)

I haven't actually bought new shoes for 2 years! I wear my UGGs all the time or sandals in the summer! So was about time I bought some new shoes! Plus Tia has the same ones and colour so I just had to match (Tia's orders! hehe)

New Look:

Drumstick Money Box with Sweets Inside || £10.00 £5.00

My mum bought some ear rings from Newlook and when we was in the queue we both noticed this and instantly thought of Tia. There are 12 drumstick lollies inside and it doubles up as a money box, how cool is that! Hehe, she loves it!


Pyjama top | £5.00 || Pyjama Bottoms | £5.00

Its not a shopping trip unless you've been in Primark! My mum was looking for some boots or a bag but I saw these and just couldn't resist! I definitely love my pjs! (comfort over fashion I'm afraid!) and only £5 each I thought that was a bargain! My mum ended up getting some under wear some were 50p each!! 


Top Left to Right - Blue Sky Bubble Bar | £4.50 || The Comforter Bubble Bar | £4.50 || Brightside Bubble Bar | £4.50 
Bottom Left to Right - Rose Bubble Bar | £2.95 || Bunny Bubble Bar | £3.25

Oh how I love Lush!! Of course I had to pick up Blue Skies for Oli's as hes running low, and just couldn't resist my all time favourite the comforter I first bought this last year (Haul post) and been repurchasing ever since! I noticed they had their spring/Easter/mothers-day collection in and couldn't resist picking up afew bits from that! Reviews will be coming soon! hehe

Debenhams & Jarrolds:

Naked 3 Palette | £37.00 || Naked 24/7 Eye Pencil in Naked 3 | £12.00 || Naked Gloss in Liar | £14.00 
|| MAC Lipstick in Crème Cup | £15.00

My favourite part of the shopping trip was getting my Naked 3 palette! I have been lusting over this since the rumours about it came out! This is the Christmas present my mum bought me eeep! If you read last years haul (HERE) you will see my mum bought me the first Naked palette last year so its become a tradition for us hehe. I also picked up the double ended pencil for the Naked 3 (love!) and a naked gloss as I have wanted one since their release (Give Away) and my mum also treated herself to Urban Decay Anti Ageing Primer Potion which was nice for her! (she doesn't treat herself often) We then went to the mac counter and I got a lipstick of course hehe! I decided to pick up crème cup! 

Nike Air Force 1 | £50.00 £35.00 (juniors)

I was going to get these from JD instead of the Vans but they didn't have my size in them. When I got home I had a look on and saw they had them for £35.00 instead of £50.00 Bargain!!! So I'm glad I waited! Plus I could just add it to my Very account (naughty i know hehe)

We also went into Select, where my mum treated herself to two pairs of leggings and Superdrug and my mum bought herself the new Sleek Eden Palette, two eyeliners, mascara and a lipstick hehe! She did well this year! My mum treated Tia to a turtle beanie boo (pictured above) from Clinton Cards. On the way home we stopped off in tesco and I bought some little toys for Tia, (Pictured in the 1st picture) which she was ecstatic about when I got home bless her.

So all in all I think it was a very successful shopping trip! Me and my mum had a really good time and loved spending time together! it's a shame we can't do it more often but save to say I am really looking forward to Next years trip! hehe

Hope you liked this post! Let me know if theres anything in particular that you would like to see a review of! Also if you want me to do a review on the Juice Cube!
If you have tried anything mentioned above please leave your thoughts below!


  1. The Comforter from Lush is my favourite bubble bar too - I haven't had a look at the Easter stuff yet though so I will have to now! Ahh I'm so jealous that you got the Naked 3 Palette, it is gorgeous.

    Millie x
    Hidden Beauty♥

    1. It's lovely isn't it!! It's been my favourite for the longest time. Their Easter range is gorgeous!! You must try their bunny bubble bar!! Oh the naked 3 is amazing definitely worth the splurge! I hope you manage to get it soon :)

      Much love

  2. You got some really good stuff. Great haul. I love Lush stuff x

    1. Hehe thank you. I was very surprised with how much I got to be honest haha

      Much love