Friday, 14 February 2014

NOTD || Valentines Day Nails || Tutorial

Hey Beauties...
I've seen a lot of nail looks going around for valentines day. So I thought I would share with you all how I have decided to do my nails for Valentines Day this year. I know most people have been going for reds this time of year but to be completely honest I much prefer Pinks and wanted to do something a little different to tradition. 

For this nail look I used BarryM Gelly high shine in Dragon fruit, SPAritual Optimistic and a Special edition BarryM glitter.

1. To start with I applied two coats of White to my ring finger and thumb.
2. Next I applied two coats of Pink to the rest of my nails.
3. When they were completely dry I applied the glitter to my thumb and little finger just to add a little sparkle to the Nails.
4. To complete the look I used the pink to make a little heart on my ring finger, I used a small paint brush to do this but you can use a wooden stick or even a hair grip if that's all you have lying around.

and there you have it, a nice easy nail look, perfect for Valentines Day and even throughout the up coming (eventually) spring season. 

I hope you liked this Nail look and mini tutorial! 
I'd love to see how you have your nails for Valentines day so please either link in the comments below or send me a picture on twitter or instagram!

Much Love


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    1. I'm not 100% sure what this translate to but thank you :) and thank you so much for commenting :)

      Much love

  2. Gorgeous nail look Dee, love it! Hoping I can replicate it xxxx

    1. Thanks babes :) did you manage to recreate this? :)

      Much love