Monday, 27 January 2014

Make-up Monday || MAC Cranberry || 3 Eye Looks

Hey Beauties...
A few days ago I posted a review on MACs Cranberry Eyeshadow (Read it here) and I had a few people comment saying, they weren't sure if it would suit them, how they would wear it, and what looks they could create with it. So I thought for Today's Make-up Monday post I would show you the 3 ways I have found to use this eyeshadow.
One of the looks I recreated a look that Liza from GlamBeautys created over on her YouTube channel so I have linked her video below, so you can see how it works on both brunette, hazel eyes and blonde, blue eyes. 

Look One:
The first look I created is just a nice subtle cranberry eye which I think will be perfect for all skin tones and eye colours and its very light and wearable in the day time.
For this look I used my Urban Decay Naked palette (Review and Swatches here) as well and Cranberry.

1. I started off by using 'Sin' from the Naked Palette all over the lid to act as a base colour.
2. Next I outlined my crease using 'Naked' from the Naked palette.
3. Then I went in with Cranberry and lightly patted the colour all over the lid.
4. For the outer corners I used 'Hustle' again from the Naked Palette, to create a V shape.
5. Using a fluffy brush I blended to get rid of any harsh lines.

To finish the look I liked the eyes using a black eyeshadow and an angled brush, and applied my favourite mascara.

Look Two:
This look is a little more dramatic but I think it still works with all skin tones without making your eyes look sore. This look can be worn for an every day look or as an evening look, and is very quick and easy to achive.
For this Look I used my Urban Decay Vice2 Palette (Review and Swatches here) and Cranberry.

1. Using a dampened brush, I sprayed mine with setting spray but you can use water, pack on 'Cranberry' all over the lid except the inner corners.
2. Next I gently placed 'Shellshock' from the Vice 2 palette in the inner corners of my eyes, and lightly blended with 'Cranberry'.
3. Then I used 'Love Sick' from the Vice 2 palette, to create a 'V' shape on the outer corner and outer crease.
4. Using a fluffy brush I blended, making sure there were no harsh lines or edges.

To finish this look I liked my eyes using Collections Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner pen and applied my favourite mascara.

Look Three:
This is the look that I have recreated from Liza's video, as you will see this is another look that I think look great on all skin tones and works great with different hair and eye colours.
For this look we used the Naked Palette and Cranberry eyeshadow.

1. To start with really pack on 'Cranberry' all over the lid, and blend out in the crease.
2. Use 'Cranberry' to line the outer corner of you lower lash line, only do this half way in.
3. Take 'Half Baked' and apply that to the middle of your eye, making a sort of strip down the eye.
4. Now apply 'Half Baked' to the inner corners of the eye,
5. and line the inner part of your lower lash line.
6. With a fluffy brush, lightly blend the gold colour so there aren't any harsh lines.
7. Line the outer part of the lower lash line with 'Dark Horse' going over the 'Cranberry' we applied earlier.
8. Use 'Dark Horse' on the outer corners of the eye and the crease, to create a 'V' shape.
9. Blend out any harsh lines and edges.

To finish I lined my upper lash line using Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner pen and used a khole eyeliner to line the inner corners of my water lines. Then applied my favourite mascara.

You can watch Liza's Video below to see how she created the look, and see what this look, looks like on someone with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I hope you liked this post and was able to get some ideas on how to use MAC Cranberry, also maybe help you decide whether or not you want to purchase this colour eyeshadow.

What look out of the three is your favourite? I'd love to know so please leave a comment below.

Much Love


  1. Surprisingly i really loved look two, and its a little out of my comfort zone, but i love that there is a touch of the cranberry and then its almost like a smokey eye! :)

    P.s, your photo quality is amaze! :)

    1. I do love look two aswell hehe! does also look great for a day look! definitely try it out! will take a while to get used to if its not your usual!

      Much Love

  2. Loved all three looks, I have this shadow but have yet to try it out.

    1. aww thanks hun!
      aww let me know how you get on when you try it out hehe!
      Much Love

  3. I'm thinking of starting a Mac palette and was actually looking at that shade the other day, it's so nice :D x

    1. aww definitely get it its gorgeous! and can be worn so subtlety aswell. Let me know if you do get it and what you think of it :)
      Much Love