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Funky Skincare || Welcome

Hey Beauties...
You may remember in my Penthouse Hair Post I mentioned that myself and Michelle from thoushaltnotcovet met up in Norwich, got our hair done, did some shopping and met Funky Skincare who were hosting the 'Naturally Funky' Health and beauty show in the forum, so we just had to have a nose at their products. 

I know what your all thinking, "wow another skincare company, just the same as every other company out there!" right?... Wrong! Admittedly I did think this too, however after taking a look and speaking to Martine and Sarah, the co-founders of Funky Skincare, I quickly realised they are actually quite unique and different.

There are nine different brands included in Funky Skincare all made with natural and organic ingredients.

-Blend Collective: Truly Natural Bodycare: is a range of body products. There are three different blends to this range which include. Balancing. Enlivening and Unwinding. All of these products are unisex, and the packaging of the products really helps to portray this.

-Shruti: (seen of the bottom selves) are a collection of Cosmetic and  wash bags from a British designer Casey Rogers. Every bag is 100% cotton with a waterproof lining. What I love the most about these bags is that each bag has individually illustrated designs and each have a their own personality.

-Greenscape Home-made: is a selection of home-made body products. each product has it's own unique cocktail of key ingredients from, Grapefruit Carrot & soy,  Honey Rhubarb & mint, to Lettuce, Pear & Lime. Very interesting combinations but really show off how organic they are and as the name 'Greenscape' suggests made from Home grown vegetables ect. The packaging on this reminds me of a fair trade postage grates, which is very fitting.

-Pulpe De Vie: A French range made from 100% fresh fruit. This range looks really refreshing and uplifting judging by the packaging of the products. They include face and body products and even a cheeky little lip gloss treatment.

-Wild: a range of body butters and hard soaps made from pure natural ingredients from trees and plants from Africa. These products are Fair Trade, helping people in Africa to create a sustainable income.

-Frikkerts Palm House: from the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, this range is inspired by rare and unusual plants, with exotic fragrances. I love how luxurious this range looks and the pieces of plant in the bottle of Luxury bathing essence, making it look just that little extra luxurious.

-Wild Olive: Made with natural ingredients in England, this range has got to be my favourite! the little bath melt cupcakes and luxurious bath melts just look good enough to eat! Not to mention the bath tea bags! I have never seen anything like these before, so I did pick one up! Review to come.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures I managed to get. The other brands that included in the Funky Skincare Range are:
-Ora Naturals: a range containing 100% Natural Organic Argan Oil 
-Terre d'Oc: Contains both a Shea Butter and Argan Range

They also stock a range of Beauty Accessories and a selection of Gifts.

All products from Funky Skincare are 100% Paraben free and do NOT contain any nasty chemicals. 

The aim of Funky Skincare is to bring fun and excitement back into our daily skincare with a funky twist. Personally I really feel they have achieved this! I definitely can't wait to purchase and try more things from them!

If you would like to learn more about Funky Skincare then please head over to their website or you can follow them on twitter: @Funkyskincare. They are an online based company so if you wish to purchase anything from them you can do so on their website.

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Much Love

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