Monday, 6 January 2014

Best of 2013 || Lip Products

Hey Beauties...
Ok so if you are new to my blog (hello) you may not know that I have a slight (ok huge!) addiction to lip products! If you are a loyal follower then this post will not surprise you in the slightest! Basically I was going to include lip products in my Best of 2013 beauty post but then that would of made it far too long! So I decided my addiction deserved its own little post! woah! 

Lets get right into it!

MAC: shy girl || MAC: new york apple || MUA: shade 3 || collection deluxe: prohibition || MUA shade 1 || Rimmel apocalips: Nova

-MAC Shy Girl: 
 Creamsheen lipstick, perfect peachy nude for the summer time (review and swatches here)

- MAC New York Apple:
 Frost Lipstick gorgeous light-medium coverage burgundy red colour my all time autumn/winter colour! (Review)

-MUA Shade 3
A gorgeous pink this is one of my go to lip colours for the summer! (Review)

- Collection Deluxe Prohibition
I have featured this quite a lot in my monthly favourites and make up Monday posts over the autumn winter months. Such a pretty red!

- MUA shade 1:
 I do love MUA lipsticks. This is the perfect dark red lipstick. I have been using it a lot he last few months! 

Now onto lip care products.
I am always changing my lip care depending on what I'm in the mood for or the condition of my lips. 

Body Shop: Mango Lip Butter || Lush: Bubblegum Lip Scrub || EOS Summer Fruits || Carmex Cherry || Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream

-Body Shop Mango Lip Butter: 
I love body shop products and this lip butter smells and tastes amazing. I love using this either at night or just after a lip scrub.

-Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub:
I think this is a well raved about product this year! Iv seen this pop up in so many 'best of 2013' posts and rightly so. I use this every other night to take off any dead skin I may have, I have 3 of the Lush Lip Scrubs but this one is my favourite!

-EOS Summer Fruits: 
These are highly raved about aswell, although I have seen/heard a few people say they don't like them. I tend to use these more them I just want a little rehydration in my lips. My favourite flavour is honeydew honeysuckle, unfortunately my daughter has decided to hide it! But the Summer fruits is a very close second!

-Carmex Cherry:
 I'm a sucker for anything that is Cherry flavoured! I actually bought this for Oli as he had chapped lips and I know loads of people raved about it! Then I tried it myself and decided to keep it hehe! I tend to use this when my lips feel sore and red.

-Nivea Lip Butter
Oh how I love this little tin of magic!! I use this the most when my lips are chapped or when I'm in the late stages of a cold sore as I find it heals my lips amazingly! highly recommend!

So that is my all time favourite Lip products for the year 2013.

I hope you enjoyed this post Let me know what lip products have been your favourites for 2013. If you have done a post like this then please leave your links in the comments below I would love to see it!

Much Love


  1. I haven't tried one single one of these products... woops!
    I definitely will be venturing into different lip products this year xx

    1. Oh you need to!! You watch you will end up just as addicted as me haha I never used to wear lip products till 2013 haha!! Definitely need to get the apocalips they are amazing

      Much love xxx