Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Best of 2013 || Beauty

Hey Beauties...

So this is the last instalment of my 'Best of 2013!' and what better way to end then with Beauty favourites! As you all may well know I am slightly addicted to beauty (who isn't right?) 
As you can imagin I do have A LOT of beauty favourites so I wont ramble and will just get straight into it! 

Eyeshadow Palettes:

Urban Decay Naked || Urban Decay Naked 2 || Urban Decay Naked Basics

It' pretty obvious that I am obsessed with all three of these palettes so to pick only one was literally mission impossible and I failed miserably! I have used all of these non stop since I got them, Naked 1 and basics I got end of February and Naked 2 I got May I believe.  I seriously love them all and highly recommend each and every one!


Soap&Glory KickAss Concealer

This is my holy grail of all concealers I cannot rave about this enough! definitely the best £10 I have ever spent on a concealer! This has been featured in many many posts of mine so it well and truly deserves a place in this one.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

You may or may not have heard me mention before that I hate the feeling of foundations on my face, it makes me feel horrible. But this is an absolute brilliant foundation! It is honestly the only foundation I will wear and feel comfortable wearing I sometimes even forget that I have foundation on! I have mentioned this a lot in my make-up Monday post or my monthly favourites.


Bourjois Bronzing Primer

I like to use this all over my face in the summer just on its own as I think, personally for me, it has just the right amount of coverage and matches my skin tone perfectly, giving me a nice healthy summer glow. It also smells incredible, a gorgeous Chocolate scent!

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder

This is another bronzer that I have been using most of 2013 but only for a contour! Although this has tiny gold flex in it and you are advised to use a matte bronzer for contour I just love this bronzer, the smell, the colour, everything! 


Sleek Blush Pixi Pink

No surprise that this sleek Blush made it into my 'Best of 2013' I rave about this all the time! Its gorgeous! If you haven't tried a sleek blush yet then where have you been!?!  They are so affordable, under £5 I believe, yet they perform like a high end blush would. I can't get enough of this shade! Its the perfect pink blush.


Max Factor, Eye Brightening, Brown Eyes

I have recently actually ran out of this mascara! which says something as it is very rare for me to completely use up a mascara I usually get bored and buy a new one! But this has been my favourite for a very very long time! I get so many compliments on my eyes when I'm wearing this even if I'm only wearing this on my eyes!


Collection Extreme 24hour Felt Tip Liner

I never really liked wearing liquid style liners due to how fiddly they are, and the fact it would take me a number of goes before I got it how I wanted it! But then I met this beauty! I use this pretty much every day! Its brilliant! one stroke and you have a perfectly lined upper lash line! 

Fake Tan:

JayTan Medium Mousse || VIP Collection Dark Mousse

I never ever used to apply fake tan, to be perfectly honest I hated it! Until I was introduced to JayTan! Now I am obsessed! So of course I had to mention JayTan in my 'Best of 2013' and if that wasn't enough I was also introduced to VIP Collection and fell in-love again! I seriously couldn't choose between these two! There were a few others I wanted to include as well but I figured that two was enough! So if you haven't yet tried these Tans, you can read my thoughts on JayTan and my thoughts on VIP Collection.

Make-up Applicator:

The Original Beauty Blender.

I have only had my hands on these for the past couple of months but I am literally obsessed! I use it every day to apply my foundation and it has even allowed me to start using my MAC pro longwear concealer with no problems at all! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing these are and 100% worth the money!

So that is all of my Beauty favourites for 2013! Sorry if it was quite long! It did take me for ever to narrow it down to this many (oops) 

I would love to know what beauty products you was obsessed with over 2013 so please leave any links or leave a comment below also let me know if you have used any of these products and what you thought of them!

Much Love 


  1. The bronzing primer is one of my favourites of the year too!


    1. Its a gorgeous primer isnt it! perfect for summer I cant get enough of it!!

      Much Love

  2. I must try the chocolate bourjois products!!! They sound so lush xxx


    1. Oh they are amazing definitely worth getting! I even have the bb cream aswell haha slightly addicted!

      Much Love

  3. Really nice series of your " Best of 2013 "! You mentioned some of my favorite products. I'm especially obsessed with the Naked Palettes! xx


    1. Aww thank you hun I'm glad you liked them! oh i am obsessed with the naked palettes cant wait to get my hands on naked 3 hehe!

      Much love

  4. Im still waiting to try the chocolate bourjois products! Since you like collection pen liner,try rimmels ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eye Liner ( http://www.boots.com/en/Rimmel-London-ScandalEyes-Precision-Micro-Eye-Liner_1359810/ ) Its fab! xx

    1. You definitely need to try them! they are addictive haha!
      Aww thanks hun Ill check it out!

      Much Love