Friday, 31 January 2014

Beauty Naturals || Introduction Review

Hey Beauties...
Nowadays us girls are becoming more aware about what's in the products we use. Which sometimes can mean we find it hard to find products that have natural ingredients in them. That's where come along. They are a UK based family run company, inspired by their late grandmother, Martha Hill, who launched her own herbal based, cruelty free skin care products over 30 years ago. Their aim is to provide their customers with an affordable collection of "High quality, natural health and beauty products."

The lovely people at Beauty Naturals, very kindly sent me a few products to try out and share with you beauties, so I thought I would show you what they sent me and tell you a little about each product. I will be later reviewing each product individually so keep an eye out for them!

Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

These Rice papers where the first things I noticed in the little package that arrived. These can be used to freshen the complexion, remove excess oil and give skin a fresh feeling and no shine look. To be perfectly honest I have never used rice paper before so I'm quite interested to try these out and see what they are like. 
These retail at £4.50 for 40 tissues.

Skin Revivals Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

The next thing I noticed was this bottle of cleansing oil. This Cleansing Oil is enriched with organic oils to help cleanse, maintain moisture balance and leave skin soft, comfortable and deeply cleaned. I haven't got round to trying this product out just yet, but I'm eager to see if it lives up to its claims. This product retails at £12.00 for a 100ml bottle.

Palladio Brow Pencil-Brown

I was really excited to see this in the package, I love filling in my eyebrows and have been wanting/needing something that I can use to brush them and keep them in place, so I was over the moon to see that it was a double ended brow pencil with a integrated spiral wand for taming and smoothing the brows! I have been using this since it arrived and will be posting my review soon. This retails at £7.00

Palladio Herbal Precision Lip Liner - Cranberry

The last thing I noticed in the package was this Herbal Precision Lipliner, If you follow me on twitter you make know I have been looking for a nice lipliner for ages! So I was excited to give this a try! I have used it a few times now so you can expect to see a review on this in the near future. This product currently retails at £5.60 

They also included the autumn/winter catalogue for their products which is handy to go through, also very tempting! I did notice they also stock burts bee's which I was a little excited about as I have been wanting to try them for a while. 

You can check out all the other brands that Beauty Naturals stock, on their website where you can also place and order and order a free Mail Order Product Guide. All UK orders are free of charge!

I found Beauty Naturals to be really friendly while speaking to them and more then happy to deal with any questions I have have. I will definitely be looking into making a purchase from then in the near future.

Have you heard of Beauty Naturals? I'd love to know what you think of them? 

Much Love


  1. rice sheet papers look very interesting. I heard somewhere that you can use them as a mask too.

  2. oo that sounds interesting I would never of thought of that!

    Much Love