Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Solaris | Medium Self Tanning Mousse | Review

Hey Beauties...
So I'm back with another tan review for you bronzed goddess' out there! So recently I was contacted and asked to try out some Solaris Tanning Products* Obviously I just couldn't say no! As you all know how much I love my self tanners now! 

Solaris are quite a big name in the tanning industry, and have over fifteen years experience in the cosmetic industry. 
They take great pride in the fact that all their products are researched, produced and sold by themselves, no middle man. 

Solaris mostly focus on spray tanning products and equipment but do also product mousses and mists.

Solaris tanning products range consists of:
- Light, Medium and Dark Solutions
-Light, Medium and Dark Self tanning Mousse
-Instant Spray Tan Mist
- Body Barrier Cream

The tan I will be reviewing for you all today is the Solaris Medium Self Tanning Mousse* which retails at £13.25 online at 

I like how the packaging on this tan is simple yet classy, and the design actually reminds me of sunshine, which to me implies that the tan is natural looking.

The thing that stood out the most for me when I tried this product is the colour of the mousse itself as you can see its more of deep brown as opposed to the golden, chocolatey brown colour most tans have.

This tan smells like fresh linen and baby wipes and doesn't seem to have that lingering burnt biscuit smell you find with most fake tans. 
The application of this tan is really nice, the guide colour is deeper then most tans I have tried in the past, which allows you to see where you have been and if you have missed any spots. I loved how quick this tan dries so there is really no need to be walking around half naked waiting for the tan to dry. It also doesn't feel tacky or sticky so doesn't leave you feeling uncomfortable during the development period.

The development time is the standard 8 hours, I tend to just apply before bed and then wash off the next morning. There still isn't any burnt biscuit smell even as the tan starts to develop which is nice and doesn't leave your bedsheets smelling of tan.

The colour of this tan I would say is more of a Greek/Olive tone as opposed to the golden tones you find with most tans, however that could just be the tan picking up on my natural Olive pigments in my skin. Either way I really like it, as I find it give me a gorgeous natural looking tan.
As you can see in the picture above the medium tan only gives me a hint of colour (it does look a little darker in person)

Overall this tan lasted me around 4-5 days due to me having to have baths instead of showers as my shower was broken at the time. However if I was to be having showers instead I could see this tan lasting me about a week. 
It fades nicely and evenly not leaving you patchy at all!

I really do like this tan and think Solaris really do live up to the expectations I had of them due to their experience in the industry! I will definitely be keeping this tan in my collection and will use again in the near future.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried anything from the Solaris Tanning Range? If you have I love to hear what you thought about them!

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  1. Great post :) I've yet to try a fake tan but it really suits you
    I've tagged you in my christmas cracker tag too if you fancy checking out I'll link it below :)
    Meg xx

    1. Oh if you get a nice one they can suit anyone hehe definitely worth a try :)

      Ooo thanks hun Ill check it out :)

      Much love

  2. Great review! Think I'm a bit late to the party here but saw that Solaris had tweeted it! Looks like a great tanning product, really natural.
    Jo x
    Your Average Jo