Saturday, 7 December 2013

Festive Treats || Part One || Getting Ready For Christmas

Hey Beauties...
Welcome to new Series I decided to do on my blog. This one I decided to call (with the help of Oli) Festive Treats. Basically in this Series I will be posting fun and different things my Family and me decide to do to get into the festive spirit and get ready for Christmas. I will also be doing some OOTD, NOTD, Make-up Looks and Recipes for the build up to Christmas. I decided I wanted to Focus My Winter Wonderland series on everything Winter related and make a nice new Christmas based series for you girls so I hope you like it!

I thought a nice way to start off would be to show you all how I decorate my home for Christmas! I don't go over the top or go out and buy expensive things, almost everything i have can be bought at Tesco, Wilkinson, or Amazon, So feel free to get some Ideas if you like.

So this is my Christmas Tree nice and Simple, I do it pretty much the same every year! I always have a Red and Gold theme in my home as I feel it makes the place look more cosy.

The star is a new addition this year! I bought this from Tesco for £1!! Bargain! My dog revently chewed up the little angel that usually sits on top of the tree. So had to get something new on top.

I love personal ornaments on a tree! These three I bought from Clinton Cards 3 years ago! Sadly they didnt have a Daddy one so I had to get Oli one with his name on instead. These are my Favourite!

 Again some more personalised ornaments, I've had for 3 years. The Granddaughter one (top left) was a present to Tia from my mum, I bought the Bell with Noel written on it, I believe it was Tesco and the bottom two were bought for Tia's 1st Christmas in 2010!

As I said before I always got for red and Gold themes, all my baubles are from Tesco or Wilkos, the crackers were a gift from my nan, and the Candy Canes are from Tesco, Only £1 for a pack of 6 Candy Canes.

This is my living room window I believe I have done this for the past 3 years, everything here was from Tesco. The baubles are hanging by black thread nothing special haha but I love how they look in the window.

I always like to keep my candles on the top shelf out of reach of Tia for obvious reasons! I do bring these down when she goes to bed and have them in front of the TV in the evenings! The Yankee Candle is defintely my Winter/Christmas Scent! I got this Candle from my local Garden Centre. the Yankee Candle Tea Light Holder and  Yankee Candle Sampler Holder are both from Amazon! £6 each. 

This window is new this year, as I have been loving using this window as a ornamental window and I did have pumpkins on it for Halloween ect. Anyway the little tree my mum gave me as it was mine from when I lived at my mums about 4 years ago I cant remember where its from I think Wilkos. The Yankee Candle, Santa's hat and Trouser are all from my local Garden Centre, I had vouchers to get the hat and trouser for free hehe. The little candle holder of Santa sitting in front of the fire place was given to me by my Nan and Granddad hehe. The Snowman with the Merry Christmas sign was bought for my from my Dad from his holiday in Portugal.

Lastly are our stockings hehe!! If you know me you will understand my obsession with me to you hehe! Oli's is the one on the left, i bought this about 3 years ago from Clinton cards. Mine is the one in the middle bought 2 years ago from Clintons and Tias is the one on the right I bought last year also from Clinton Cards. Every year they have a different design so I just had to get them hehe!

I know this post is a little different but I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy this little series!! 
Let me know in the comments below what you thought!

Much Love


  1. This is gorgeous!! Sometimes I wonder how you get so much done wonder mummy! Xx

    1. aww thanks hun! hehe well im usually up till about 11 or midnight writing post and trying to catch up on things haha!

      Much love