Sunday, 10 November 2013

SpaRitual Nail Polish | Review

Hello Beauties...
A while ago now I was lucky enough to win these beautiful nail polishes in a twitter competition. I received a gift set of three 15ml Nail Lacquers from a company called SpaRitual. I'm not going to lie, before this I had never even heard of SpaRitual, it was just by chance that I came across the give away tweet.

For anyone else that hasn't heard of SpaRitual, they are a company that are committed to creating ec0-friendly products and packaging. They use Vegan ingredients which include some specially sourced and selected plant essences that are wild crafted or Organic. SpaRitual do not use any synthetic dyes in their products and all formulations are naturally coloured. 
They use a naturally sourced mineral called Mica to create the shimmer in their lacquers rather then the man made substance Guanine.

The Bottles of their polishes are in fact designed by Ferrari. They are made using recycled glass and are completely recyclable with care.  The caps are made from a special type of rubber allowing easy opening and perfect grip for the best application results.

The three Colours I received are from their Summer Laugh Collection and are:
Out Loud £10.25
This is a gorgeous Aqua Blue Glitter Lacquer, with quite a sheer base and a mix between chunky and fine glitters. Looks gorgeous over the top of another colour, for example the white in the set.

Optimistic £9.75
A stunning Pearl White Matte Shimmer Lacquer. This is just absolutely breath taking! I'm not a huge fan of white or matte nail colours if I'm honest but this is something else! Even though it is a matte it has a gorgeous pearl effect finish! It is just heavenly and to die for!

ha..ha £10.25
This gorgeous colour has a clear base with silver chunky and fine glitters mixed in and some red chunky glitters scattered about, which I love and also think it looks amazing over the white colour aswell.

A little play around with the colours.

I kid you not this is ONE WEEK after I applied the lacquer to my nails, with NO TOPCOAT.

Overall I am gob smacked with the results of these lacquers! They are outstanding! I usually only take my nail polish off because its chipped but with these I actually took them off due to wanting a colour change which is a first for me!! even with a gellish manicure!!
Not only did these last longer then a week I actually had to file the glitter polishes down a little to be able to remove it with acetone! how impressive is that!

The best thing about these is there is absolutely no UV light required! They are fast drying and extremely long lasting!

The only downside to these are the price! They are around the £10 per bottle mark but honestly they are well and truly worth every penny of their extravagant price tag! 

There are 72 colours in SpaRituals permanent collection and they have between 4-6 seasonal collection. You can order these online on their website where they have lots more gorgeous products.

You can also find SpaRitual on and Twitter:@SpaRitualUK

I hope you liked this post. Have you tried any of the SpaRitual products before? I'd love to hear from you if you have so please leave a comment! Or let me know if you are now going to try them! (I highly recommend you do!)

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  1. Wow these sound amazing! Can't believe how long they lasted without chipping x

    1. I know I was stunned to see that they hadn't chiped after a week!! You can also find these on amazon for like £6 lol
      Thank for the comment
      Much love

  2. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Click the link for the rules :) Happy blogging xx