Thursday, 28 November 2013

Monthly Favourites || November 2013

Hey Beauties...
  Another month has passed! Seriously where on earth is this year going? Soon it will be Christmas! (which I am now stupidly excited for btw!) Then before we know it we will be in 2014!!
Anyway, let me share with you the products I have been loving throughout the month of November, there are quite a few.

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, has fast become a favourite in my whole household, we all use it and infact Oli bought 2 more bottles of it to stock up! 
Another Shower gel I have been loving this month is the Body Shops Ginger Sparkle, This only comes out in the winter months as the smell just reminds me of Christmas! I love it! I always switch up my shower gels and this month I have just been switching between these two!

You may have seen my make-up posts using the Beauty Blender and I can honestly say I have used it every single day since it arrive at my door! I love it! I wont say too much about it as I have a review coming soon. The Beauty Blender however has managed to save the life of my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer which has now finally made it into my favourites on its own! I have now been using this concealer every day since I got my beauty blender this month. I now officially LOVE this concealer!

This month for blush I have found myself reaching for my Sleek Sweet Cheeks Palette and I have been loving 'Dolly Mix' from the palette which is a gorgeous lilac colour. I don't know why but that definitely seems to be my go-to autumn/winter cheek colour this year!
What is yours? I'd love to know!

Its no secret I love all my Naked Palettes! This month I have found my self using my Naked 1 Palette everyday along with MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow! It just creates the perfect subtle Autumn/winter look and I will be doing a make-up post on the look on Monday!

Along with the eye look I just mentioned about I have been using my Collection Deluxe Lipstick in Prohibition, almost every day this month. I always find my self reaching for it on a daily basis, which is unusual for me as I was always more of a neutral lip kinda girl.

So I hope you liked seeing what I have been loving through the month of November. I'd love to know what products have been your favourites! So please leave a comment.

Also I will be doing reviews on most of these in the near future so make sure you keep an eye out for them!

Much Love


  1. I love snow fairy and the naked palette! I have also wanted that MAC eyeshadow for quite some time!

    1. It smells amazing doesn't it!!! Ohh that mac eyeshadow is so pretty isn't it! Definitely worth getting!! :) hehe

      Thanks for the comment Hun :)
      Much love xx

  2. I love snow fairy it smells sooooo good! X

    1. Gorgeous isn't it!!! We all love it in my house hehe! We now have 3 bottles of it haha! Smells just like the bubble gum lip scrub :)

      Thanks so much for the comment

      Much love x