Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Introduction/Guest Post || Jolly Bunny Slippers

Hey Beauties... 
Today I have a slightly different post for you all today! Its not so much a full review or a full guest post, Its more an introduction to a new brand that are in the very early stages and are looking to launch very soon but just need a little help from us.
So I was recently contacted by the company and politely asked if I would help with their project get noticed and up and running. 

So who is this brand? and what is their project? 
I'll let them introduce themselves, this is what they have to say:

Jolly Bunny slippers: this season must have!
These cute floppy-eared slippers are unbelievably warm and comfortable. They were designed by a young Ukrainian couple and now you can get a pair (or more) by backing their project on Kickstarter LINK HERE .
A pair of Jolly Bunny slippers can become a perfect present for your friends and family. They come in different colours and sizes. They are made of fleece - it is a good alternative to wool which is very important for those who are allergic or sensitive to it - and machine washable.
Wearing these slippers you can forget about cold feet. Those who have already gotten them say that Jolly Bunny slippers rock!  

The Jolly Bunny slippers are at a discounted price specially for this Kickstarter campaign, they will be a bit more expensive after the campaign finishes. So don't snooze, get a pair now!

I had a look at their project before said yes and I am actually really interested in the brand and product itself! As you now know, the product is a pair of slippers! I don't know about you but I love slippers I literally live in them, as soon as I step in the house, shoes are off and slippers come on! 

I love the unique look of these slippers and they really do look as though they are comfortable. Perfect for lazing around the house or doing everyday chores without feeling too 'chunky' 

I hope you liked this post and I really do hope you can help with their project and get their product up and running as I for one would love to see these around!

Much love

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