Tuesday, 15 October 2013

VIP Collection | *NEW* Express Self Tanning Mousse

Hey Beauties...
So just when I thought I had reviewed the whole VIP Collection By Vicky*  for you girlies (read my latest one HERE) VIP decide to bring out a brand new tanning product for us lovely ladies. I was really excited when VIP collection asked me to try out their new Express Self Tanning Mousse
The VIP Express Self Tanning Mousse is the first of its kind, in the sense that no other celebrity range uses the Finest Vegetan Premium Ecocert DHA.

Now let me just explain a little in more detail about the different DHA's. There are three different types of DHA used in tanning products.

-First of all there is the most common, which is found in normal 8, 9, 12 and 14 % tanning solutions, this is called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which works on top of the skin and is use is all normal self tanning mousse's.

-Then there is a 10% mixed Vegetan Blend. This is 90% Dihydroxyacetone mixed with 10% Vegetan premium that works deeper in the skin and can be washed off within 3-4 hours.

-The newest type is Vegetan Premium which is the best form of tan on the market at the present moment. This works within the top layer of the skin to produce the most natural colour, as it works with the melanin (colour pigments) already in the skin. This also contains anti-ageing and antiocidant properties. Can also be washed off within 3-4 hours. Although the Guide colour may wash off after the first shower the tan will continue reacting within the skin for 24 hours. Due to the fact the tan works deeper into the dermis of the skin this means it lasts longer then normal tans.

*If you are unsure if the tan you are usuing really does contain vegetan premium read the ingredients, if it just says Dihydroxyacetone and no mention of Vegetan, then it is just a normal DHA tan*

The VIP Express Tanning Mousse contains Absolute Vegetan Premium, the first on the market to date.

So I was sent the Express Mini mousse and Mitt* which retails at £10, this gives you around 2 full body applications. You can also purchase the full sized VIP Express Self Tanning Mousse 200ml bottle for £24.98.

The first thing I noticed about this product other then the gorgeous fresh smell, is the colour and texture of the mousse. It is foamier then the other mousses I have tried and the colour does seem to be a bit more coffee coloured.

The application of this product is amazing! Glides over the skin like silk, its so creamy, extremely moisturising and easy to blend, with a gorgeous instant guide colour making it so easy to see where you have been with the tan. 

To test the development of this tan I decided to was the tan off my left leg after 1 hour of the tan being on and the right leg after 2 hours. As you can see the tan left a gorgeous golden glow on my skin and continued to develop after 24 hours (apologies for the brighter lighting on the 24hr pic). But you can see that my right leg is darker after 24 hours as the tan continued to develop. 
During the development I couldn't smell that horrible biscuit smell at all instead I got s nice fresh smell with a hint of vegetable oil (much better then burnt biscuit).

I do feel I personally should of left the tan on for about 3 hours to get my desired colour although I am very happy with the colour pay off after just 2 hours, I would compare it to the colour of the Medium Mousse. 1 hour may not be suitable for my skin tone but I think it will be perfect for those with very light skin tones.

The tan lasted on for about 9 days, absolutely no streak or patches throughout the whole precess. The average tan starts to rub off on me after 5 days. 

Overall I am extremely impressed with this tan and it is by far my most favourite for application, development time and just an all rounder. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone from new tanners that aren't sure on the colour to chose, to those experienced tanners that want to save money.
This tan is perfect for an all year round tan and will save you money as its like having every shade of tan in one convenient bottle.

Have you tried this tan yet? you can purchase it HERE if not. But if you have I'd love to know what you thought of it!
Any comments of questions please leave them below.

Stay Tanned, Stay Safe!!

Speak Soon
Much Love

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