Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Make-up | Little Mermaid Inspired

Hey Beauties...
I was having a little play around with my make-up and decided to try out some colours that I wouldn't usually wear and thought it would be a great opportunity to create Halloween/fancy dress look for you girlies. I hope you like it.

So this was the finished look I came up with and decided it really reminded me of the Little Mermaid.

For this look I used my gorgeous Crownbrush 88 Shimmer Palette

1. After priming my eyelids I applied a nice bright green colour all over the lid, blending into the crease.
2. I then went over the green colour with a lovely turquoise colour just to add more of a blue tone to the green.
3. In the inner corners of the eyes I applied a golden yellow colour to brighten up the tear duct area.
4. To create a dramatic smoky eye I used a dark green to in a 'V' shape on the outer corner of the eye, blending into the crease.

To complete the eye I used a liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic winged line, and finished off using Max Factors Wild Mega Volume Mascara.

To create The Litter Mermaids Signature red lip, I used MUA £1 Lipstick in shade 13

So that's how I created this look, nice, quick and simple. Its a shame Crownbursh don't label their shadows in their palettes it would make tutorials much easier haha!

This isn't what I am dressing up as for Halloween but I just really liked creating this look so I thought I would share it with you anyway! Keep an eye out for my actual Halloween look!

Hope you liked this look. Any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you!

Much Love

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  1. Aww this is such a good look. Looks just like ariel. Love the eye make up x