Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Fun For Little Monsters | Salt Dough

Hey Beauties...
As I was thinking of fun activities for Tia to do for Halloween, I thought it would be a good idea to share with all you fellow mummy's out there a little fun activity me and Tia came up with yesterday (30.10.13) as I know it can be difficult to find fun things for a toddler to do without getting bored in 30 seconds. However this can be fun for children of any age.

You will need:

If you feel you're child is old enough, this is a great thing to let them do themselves, although there are a few things they will need an adult for (I.E hot water) and it really gets them involved and interested in the activity (well it did Tia and shes easily distracted)

1. First poor the flour into a medium/large mixing bowl.

2. Also poor in the salt.

 3. Then the Cream of Tarter

4. The oil, which can be messy.

5. An adult will need to poor the hot water in, you can use warm or cold water if you want it will just take longer to mix together.

 6. Mix all the ingredients together.

7. Add the food colouring of your choice, I went for Green Orange and Black for Halloween. It is up to you if you want to let you're child do this bit, keep in mind food colouring can stain. Personally Tia is abit too messy to do this.

 8. Bring the mixture together and turn out onto the table. Kneed together as you would if making bread or baking dough.

 And there you will have you very own home made salt dough. 
You may need to add more water to the dough as it will feel gritty. 
When you have you dough at a consistency you are happy with, ask you little moster to make their very own Halloween monsters with the dough :) 

These are the monsters Tia came up with,
Mike from monster inc.
A minion. 

The best thing about this dough, other then the fact it's so cheep to make, and wont harm your child if they do put it in their mouth (wont taste nice though). Is that you can store it either in some cling film or a sandwich bag (no air inside) or if you want to keep the little creations you child makes you can leave it out to dry or bake it and it will become rock solid :) 

Hope you liked this post. Let me know if you would like to see more mummy related posts, and what you would like to see :) 

Any comments or questions please leave them below! 

Happy Halloween Beauties!!

Stay Safe, Stay Seen!  

Much Love 

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