Thursday, 17 October 2013

Birthday Haul | Lovely Presents

Hey Beauties...
This is just a quick haul post showing you all the lovely presents I received for my birthday, so it is my official Birthday Haul as the other posts where from my shopping trip.

These are in no particular order although I have saved the best till last ;)

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top coat £4.99 
MAC Lipstick, New York Apple £15

These two I did buy myself but I thought I would just include them in this post for you girlies. I will be doing a full post on the MAC lipstick so you can see the gorgeous autumn colour I picked up hehe. Let me know if you want a review on the base and top coat aswell and I'll get that up for you.

Guess Girl Perfume
This is just a little present I got from my mum, We will be going on our yearly shopping trip for my birthday and Christmas presents in February sometime but she wanted to get me a little something to open on my birthday! This smells amazing! something different to what I usually wear, its a nice floral scent.

Chocolate silicone molds, Silicone Chocolate melting pot and Galaxy Chocolate.

This is what my Nan and Granddad bought me. It took me ages to work out what the pot was for. Me and Oli used these the other day and the jug/pot is amazing! My Nan and Granddad also got my some gladioli flowers, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Going the Distance DVD

Oli's little sister Daisy bought me this for my birthday bless her, along with a tub of celebrations (which I have eaten hence no picture) and a pack of 4 socks, which are in the wash so couldn't get a picture either haha. This DVD is actually quite good perfect for a girlie pamper night.

Samsung ST150F camera (£79) and Purple poke-a-dot case (£5)

As is said I saved the best for last. This is my amazing camera from Oli and Tia I was with Oli when he bought it as I picked it out so he could get me the one I wanted. I also chose the case so he knew it was one I liked bless him! 

Both my cards are from moonpig and Oli designed them himself! (he's getting good!) he did also treat me to a meal :)

Lovely Mum Me2You Bear

This little cuties is from my daughter Tia! I love me2you bears I have two shelves of them in my living room! I was very happy when I opened this as my local Clinton cards, where I usually get me2you bears from, has closed down. So this was a very nice surprise! 

Overall I think I have been well and truly spoilt this year! who says Birthdays aren't as exciting when your older?? mine definitely was!!
I'd like to thank everyone again for their cards, presents and birthday wishes I am extremely great-full to each and every one of you all!

I'm thinking of doing a post on my birthday week as we had a very fun filled family week let me know if you would like to see that :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I got for my birthday! you can also read what I bought with my birthday money in, PART 1PART 2 and PART 3 

I'm sorry for posting a lot of birthday related posts lately! But like I said please let me know if you would like a Birthday week post? 

Speak Soon
Much Love

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  1. Ooh some very lovely things! Hope you had a great birthday! x

    1. I did thank you it was amazing!!
      Let me know of you want to see my birthday week post :)

      Thanks for the comment
      Much love xx

  2. aww! that bear from Tia is adorable! I've never heard of New York Apple before so I'll definitely be looking forward to your review! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. I know its the cutest isn't it!! I keep that one on my dressing table hehe! I hadn't heard of it either! I was at the mac counter looking for a nice autumn shade and spotted this one LOVE LOVE LOVE review will be up next week for you :)

      Thanks for the comment
      Much love