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The VIP Collection by Vicky | Wash Off Tan | Review

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 So after trying and loving JayTan I heard that Vicky from Geordie shore also had a tanning range out. (I know what your thinking, everyone's at it now aren't they!) But I knew I just had to try this range partly because I wanted to see how good it was, also partly to fuel my new tan addiction (shh). But mostly because Vicky's tan always looks gorgeous. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the whole of  The VIP Collection by Vicky* home tanning range.

For all those that haven't heard of Vicky or this tan before. Vicky Pattison is one of the main cast members of MTV's hit shoe Geordie shore. When she recently returned from Australia she realised a gap in the tanning market for a "safe, reliable yet beautiful tan that we all desire" This was then on the market for purchase on the 9th June 2013 however its 'official' launch is next month.

Keeping in mind that at this time under eighteens are prohibited by law to use sunbeds to get a all year round tan, Vicky took it upon herself to produce a rang of top quality tanning products that are easy to use and suitable for all skin tones.

The collection includes:
-Professional tanning solutions
-Self Tanning Mousses
-Self Tanning Mist
-Wash Off Self Tanning Mousse

The solutions and mousses come in 4 different shades:
-Sunkissed Glow, light 8% £14.50
-Golden Goddess, Medium 9% £15.50
-Bronzed Babe, Dark 12% £16.50
-Tropically Tanned, Extra Dark 14% £17.50

So the first Tan I decided to try was the Wash Off Tanning Mousse as I wanted to get my review up quickly for you lovely girlies, so I could let you all know about these lovely products. 
I love the packaging of these tans it really makes you feel like your getting a special edition, high quality product.

The mousse does come out fairly dark but once applied to the skin it isn't too dark, and does blend nice and easily around the ankles and wrists, so you don't end up with patches. The tan is instant colour so be careful not to apply too much. Its easier to add to the colour then take away and always remember to exfoliate and moisturise and dry areas prior to application.

As you can see you are left with a gorgeous colour. I applied the tan at 8am and washed it off at about 8pm so the tan did last me 12hours. During that time I was out in the heat (last week) so was a little bit sweaty, I went to the pub for lunch with a friend and even spilt tiny drops of my drink on my leg and the tan stayed put not leaving me looking patchy at all! However come 7pm I did do the washing up so my hands and some of my arms got drenched in the dish water and the tan started to come off, which is understandable as it was soapy water and a lot of it. 
The tan has a nice fresh baby wipe kind of smell to it due to it not containing DHA so you don't get that dreaded biscuit smell.

I do highly recommend this tan if you are looking for a quick tan for a day even or even night out. However if you prefer a day-to-day tan then you are best getting a regular self tanning mousse or spray.
The tan does come out pretty dark but as I said you can build up and use as much or as little as you prefer so even if you are paler skin toned you can still use this tan just a thin layer, and build if necessary.

Make sure you follow VIP tan on twitter @VIPtanByVicky and @VIPtanNorthEast to keep an eye out for any promotions and discounts. I know they are currently holding a 15% discount on the home tanning range so go stock up and grab a bargain now at They also have loyalty rewards for repeat orders. 

I personally prefer a longer lasting tan, however I think I will use this again if I'm going to a party or on a night out.

Have you tried the VIP collection wash off mousse? if so what do you think about it? I'd love you know. Or any other wash off mousses please feel free to give your thoughts on them in general.

Keep an eye out for my other VIP tan reviews coming soon.

Hope you liked this post, as always leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you.

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  2. Great Post and Tan! I have never ever heard of her or her Products. I never even knew MTV had that show. It was probably like out Jersey Shore??!! Don't Judge.....That is too good!!

    1. Thank you. Yeah it's exactly like your jersey shore but in Newcastle in England. :) iv only just started watching it to be honest haha

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