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The Celebrity Range | Brow Kit | Review

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Recently I was asked to review this Eyebrow Compact. Of course I jumped at the chance If you know me you'll know I struggle with my eyebrows as I have a huge scar going though my left one, which makes it difficult for me to shape and make it look like the other one. Anyway that's another story. So of course I was excited to try this out.

The Eyebrow Compact is made by a company called The Celebrity Range who are a fairly new UK company which offers a range of products to the professional beauty and retail market, and have been trading for about 12 months now
You can find them on twitter @CelebrityRange or their website www.celebrityrange.co.uk 

The Eyebrow Compact is a new release to The celebrity range and was launched at the end of June. the compact is also available on Jessica Wright's Tanning website www.jesswrighttanning.com and looking to hit all salons and boutiques, so keep your eyes open for it!

"It's great unique long lasting powder will give the desired eyebrow shape you need, that will last you all day"
"This product is going to take eyebrows to the 21st century. Giving a fuller more defined shape and look"

When I first read this before trying the products I thought, well don't most products say this? So for me these are big claims to live up to. I was expecting this product to be just another brow kit, the same as all the others.

Oh how wrong was I!

The first thing that caught my eye with this product is the elegant and luxurious packaging, which makes you immediately think you've got your money's worth with this products and also makes a perfect gift with the stylish gift bag the product comes in.

This brow kit comes with a nice sized mirror and a handy little card that tells you step-by-step how to get the best result, which I think is perfect for people who are new to eyebrows or even if you have never used a kit like this before (i.e me) 

The compact also includes:
-3 Shades of long lasting colour (Blonde, Brown, Charcoal)
-Fixing Wax
-7 Unique Stencils
-Full Length Tweezers
-Double Ended Brush
-Defining Pencil

At a first glance I did wonder where the stencils were in the kit as I originally thought they would be in the card however after noticing the little tab and giving it a little pull I realised there was a 'secret' compartment for the stencils, I think this is great as it keeps them safe so the don't fall out all over the place and get lost.

The 7 unique Brow stencils include:
-Extra Thick and Long
-The Celebrity Brow
-Man Brow

I love the fact there are all three colours in one kit, it's so much easier and a money save if your unsure on what shade to get. you can even mix two colours together if you are inbetween shades. The powders are very pigmented and so silky to the touch. They remind me of soft velvet, and glide on like a dream! You only need a light amount on the brush as a little goes a long way and its better to build up if needed rather then try to take away any access product.
The wax in the kit really does help to keep the brow hairs down and also is brilliant for giving substance for the powder to hold on to, which does also mean it makes the powder more pigmented when you apply to the brow so again bare that in mind when applying and try not to overload the brush or you may end up with brows that are too dark.
 However this does mean the kit itself will last a lot longer as you will be using less product then usual.

The Double Ended Brush, that is included in the kit is just the perfect size for the brows, it isn't tiny so that you have to go over and over the brows with product and it isn't too big that you end up applying too much product to the brow. I love the fact that they included a double ended brush, instead of leaving you with the unnecessary hassle of changing brushes from the wax to powder, making the application quick and simple.

The pencil is the perfect size allowing you to take it with you for on the go touch ups, if needed. Its a middle shade, meaning it wouldn't be too dark for blonde or brown eyebrows and not too light for charcoal eyebrows. Its very soft and silky, glides on nicely with the wax from the kit and is very easy to blend out any harsh lines. You can use this to outline the brows and to help fill in any missed or hard to reach areas that the brush has missed.

I absolutely love the fact that this kit comes with full sized tweezers and not the little compact ones you usually get in brow kits. These are high quality tweezers and pluck hairs like a dream, even managing to get them stubborn little hairs that we all get and hate. 

As you can see this kit works wonders for eyebrows. Even managed to masque my scar, more then usual brow kits do!
I absolutely love this kit, everything about it is easy to use and high quality. It really does live up to the claims which is fantastic! You really can get the look of celebrity brows without the expense and time of going to a salon, which is perfect for busy mums that can't find the time to go to a salon but still want to look stylish.
I love the way the compact has a magnet catch for easy opening and closing, with the added reassurance the contents will not fall out.

The compact is a little pricey and retails at £34.95 but I have to say it is great value for money when you think of everything that comes in the kit and the results you can achieve with it!

Have you tried this compact? or anything from The Celebrity Range? If so I would love to know your thoughts, and if not I'd love to know if you think you will try their products in the future!

Please let me know if you would like to see a video on how I use this product.

Hope you liked this post as always leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you.

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**This product is a PR sample and was sent to me for review. However it does NOT affect my opinion, my views are my own and have not in any way been changed or manipulated in anyway!**


  1. ooh this looks brill,love they have the stencils too! may have to give it a shot! :)

    1. it is definitely worth every penny!! love it xx

      Thanks for the comment

  2. wow, this brow kit looks awesome! I don't think we have it here :< sad

    1. aww try their website hun they might ship international.. im sure fruity tans ship out.. worth a look :)

      thanks for the comment