Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Skincerity | Progress Update | Final Review

Hey Beauties...
A few weeks ago I done a post introducing you to Skincerity which you can read HERE and find out more about the product itself.
I have been applying this overnight for roughly two weeks (before I started feeling ill) so I thought I would share with you the results I developed.

As you can see it hasn't completely got rid of the stretch marks however it has really taken 
down the redness and reduced the appearance a lot. Which I am really impressed with as my stretch marks have been there for years and were really deep set, so wasn't expecting this at all.

I do love how quick and easy it is to apply this product, you literally just roll the product on the stretch mark or area of the skin you wish to improve, it dries in seconds, allowing you to just put you clothes on and go straight to sleep. No waiting around for it to dry, no  marks or patches left on you clothing. Its amazing and then the next morning you literally just wash it off in the shower using the clothe provided, simple as that!

I have really noticed the different in the appearance and feel of me skin around the area which I used it. My skin looks brighter clearer and felt softer, smoother and the skin felt tighter.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks or acne! I do feel that if I had continued to use this product I really would have seen much more of an improvement!

You can purchase this by following and messaging @Lpoolskincerity on twitter. Full prince and product info can be found on my previous Skincerity Blog post HERE.

If you have tried this product I would love to know how it worked for you

As always please feel free to leave any comments of questions below.

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Much Love


  1. Great post. This is something I'd try, you can really see the difference on you!


    1. Thanks Hun :) it's nice that someone else can notice and I'm not just going crazy ;) definitely worth a try it is pricey but it's a great product and so nice to use.

      Thanks for the comment
      Much love

  2. Isn't it great when you find products that really work! Will keep this in mind for scars :). Xx