Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Skincerity | Introduction | First thoughts

Hey Beauties...
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being asked to try out an american product that is new to the UK. Originally I was planning on using this product on a couple of eczema dry patches I had on my face but when I received the product the dry patches had cleared up, sods law right! I then discovered that this product can also be used to heal stretch marks and other skin problems. I'm quite lucky in the sense I don't have stretch marks in obvious places after having a child but I do in fact have some on my boobs that I wouldn't mind getting rid of.
Anyway... I am half way though the treatment on this area so I thought I would write this post just to introduce you to the product and my thoughts on it so far. I will then, in two weeks time, do a update on how it worked for me.

Skincerity was born from science and originally designed and developed to assist the skin to heal after facial surgery and cancer treatment. During trials and studies, research showed that not only was the product helping recovery on the incisions it was also improving the skins appearance, rejuvenating and evening skin tone, taking away fine lines and wrinkles removing acne and so on.

To make a long story short, one of the scientists removed the antibiotics, that were previously in the product and replaced them with Vitamin E, To help reduce the appearance of scars. Testing the product on herself. Later going on to be more developed and enhanced by dermatologists.

Skincerity was introduced to the UK sometime in April so is still trying to get acknowledged by salons and other cosmetic companies and is still currently having to be imported from the US and Canada.

As for the actual product itself. It comes in a thick glass bottle with a roll-a-ball top allowing easy application to all areas. In the bottle the product does have a chemical smell to it which is quite strong but I found once applied to the skin the smell becomes very pleasant and sweet, I can't quite decide what it reminds me of but I like it.
The product dries almost instantly allowing you to get dressed seconds after applying, which is amazing!

It is very quick and simple to use all you do is apply to the problem area, leave on over night and wash off the next day. The product dries like a film over the skin which does remind me of when I used to put PVA glue on my hands and peel it off as a child. 

The kit also provides a Dermal-Cloth to use to take the product off. This cloth feels really soft and silky! Works great for removing the product, its not scratchy at all and glides across the skin. When the cloth dries is does go rock solid which is weird but as soon as its wet again it returns to its normal feel and shape.

To see results from this product you must apply it EVERY night for 14 nights. As I said above I am in the process of using this product sadly I kept forgetting to apply the product but I have started again and will update you with pics on my progress.

From the nights I have already used this product I can tell you I really like it. It does make your skin feel and look softer and healthier, but like I said it does take 14 days to get true results so for me to notice an improvement after a few nights with it. I am expecting great things from this product.

Skincerity is very pricey and can be purchased from @Lpoolskincerity on twitter for around £65 however the RRP is £129

So this is just a quick insight into the product. I hope you enjoyed this post.
I'd love to know your thoughts on this or if you have used this product please comment below.

If you are interested in purchasing this product then please feel free to either comment tweet me or follow @Lpoolskincerity and give her a tweet.

As always any comments or questions then please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Keep an eye on my twitter as I will tweet as and when I have replied :)

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**This product is a PR sample and was sent to me for review. However it does NOT affect my opinion, my views are my own and have not in any way been changed or manipulated in anyway!**


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