Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rana | Argan Oil | Review

Hey Beauties...
I was recently sent a sample size of Rana Argan Oil to try and review for you lovely girlies. I have only ever tried the Argan oil that is designed for hair use only so i was pretty excited to try this out.

Rana Argan Oil is 100% pure Argan Oil from the Argan fruit in Morocco and claims to:

 -Makes skin feel Smooth, Plump and Healthy Looking
- Gives hair a healthy looking shine, whilst at the same time Repairing Damaged Dry Hair back to its full goodness.
- Helps nails become Stronger and Shinier
- Relieves the appearance of acne
- Helps to reduce the signs of Stretch Marks and Scars
- Reduces the signs of old age
- Can be used on men for pre and post shaving
- Can also be used for baby's and children to soften skin and help Prevent or Alleviate the signs of rashes
- Great to use on all Different Types of skin conditions and issues.

This product comes with clear instructions on how to use it on your face, body and hair. Stating you need to wash it out of you hair after 40 minutes or for a deeper treatment to leave in over night and wash out thoroughly the next morning.

Unfortunately this product says on the back that it is NOT suitable for nut allergy sufferers, which for me means I cannot use this on my face and body or leave it in my hair over night, due to my partner being highly allergic to nuts.
 How ever I have put it through the ends of my hair, put my hair up, gone to the gym and came home and washed it out of my hair.

It does have a nutty, popcorn kind of smell to it but that IS normal with Cosmetic Pure Argan Oil. I wasn't too sure my self if I am honest due to a lot of dispute I have seen flying around but after asking around and doing some research of my own I discovered it is indeed normal to have a nutty smell. Its not too over powering and I certainly didn't notice it while it was in my hair or after washing it out.

Even after the first use I noticed my hair was more manageable when combing while wet, and when dry I noticed it was a little thicker at the ends and just felt a LOT healthier! I think in total I left the product in for about 3 hours, which I think has made a really good improvement on my hair especially for me to notice it after the first use!

I definitely think I will continue to use this product. Although I will have to be cautious of when I use it around Oli.

You can follow Rana Argan Oil on twitter: @rana_arganoil1
If you would like to find out more information on Rana or would like to order you can check out their website

Have you tried this product? If so what did you think about it? and how did it work on your face\body? Let me know

As always any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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  1. Great review!! Thicker at the ends? Count me in! I have been meaning to try Argan oil myself too. I bought a very tiny bottle a few years ago but it wasn't even enough for one application :( so I need to buy it again my hair really needs some pampering haha xx

    1. It really does work wonders Iv been using phill smith total treat argan oil aswell and that has done my hair a whole world of good definitely worth getting!

      Thanks for the comment
      Much love