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Jessica Wrght | Fruity Tans | Review

Hey Beauties...
If you haven't guessed already I have recently become obsessed with self tans, which is unusual for me. So my new recent tan I have been trying is Jess Wrights Fruity Tan*

If you haven't heard of Fruity Tan before, it is a new tanning range brought out by Jessica Wright who is one of the main cast members of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) and also owns her own lingerie boutique.
Fruity Tans was released 10th July 2013 so is still in its infancy in the world of tanning. Jess decided to bring out her own tanning line as she loves self tanning but hated the horrible biscuit smell that comes with many self tanners. So she wanted to bring "Fantastic, fresh and  fruity scents" to the tanning market. which in my opinion has been long over due.

"Designed to enhance natural skin tone whilst exciting the senses!"
How lovely does that sound? definitely caught my attention and instantly made me want to try it out. I don't know about you but I do love a nice fruity scent.

The whole range includes:
-Misting spray 
-Wash off mousse
-Tanning solutions for spray tan machines

The mousses and solutions come in four shades Light, Medium, Dark and Extra Dark all have their own scent
Light - Sunrise summer, Strawberry scent (8%) £16.50
Medium - Caribbean Kiss, Melon Scent (9%) £17.50
Dark - Cuban Crush, Cherry Scent (12%) £18.50
Extra Dark - Malibu Mist, Coconut Scent (14%) £19.50

I received a set of four 50ml mini mousses which retail at £12.99 These are perfect if you are unsure what colour to get or want to try the whole range out.

I decided to try out the Caribbean Kiss Medium. 
The first thing I noticed about this tan is the gorgeous scent which is a nice strong melon smell. Admittedly I did expect the scent to fade and change to the usual biscuit scent when it has oxygenised. How ever I was pleasantly mistaken and surprised.

The second thing I noticed which did alarm me a little was the colour of the mousse when it came out, it was alot darker then I was expecting but thankfully this is just the guideline colour and does infact come out lighter.

The texture of this mousse if very light and runny allowing it to glide on the skin smoothly and effortlessly. This tan is also extremely easy to blend in around the knees, ankles and wrists so you are not left with discolouration in that area.
The tan dries very quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky or tacky meaning you can get dressed shortly after applying (once you have let the tan fully dry of course)

The development time for this tan is the usual 8 hours and even through the development period you can still smell the fresh melon scent instead of the standard biscuit smell which is such a nice smell. The smell didn't change at all until I washed it off but then it just smelt of my shower gel with a hint of melon.

As you can see it washes off to leave such a nice flawless looking tan, no streaks, uneven patches or discolouration around the knees, ankles, elbows or wrists. It also does exactly what Jessica said it does, enhances your skin tone and exciting the senses! 

This tan last a little over a week, with showering everyday, and as you can see fades nicely too. I didnt get any patches or streaks while it was fading and to tell you the truth I completely forgot I was wearing any tan as it faded very gradually without me noticing.

This tan has got to be my favourite tan so far I even gave my mum the light one to try out (shes never tanned before and in her 50s) so I may do a little post on how she gets on with it, let me know if you want me to!

I highly recommend this tan to anyone and everyone. 
Make sure you follow Fruity Tans on twitter: @Fruity_Tans  and keep an eye out for any special offers or deals they have on. you can also order the tan through their website: 

Have you tried Fruity Tans? If so I'd love to know what you think of them.

Hope you enjoyed this post. As always leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you. Keep an eye on my twitter as I will tweet when I have replied to comments.

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  1. What a great idea, Finally a tan that doesn't smell of that horrible biscuit smell.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

    1. It has such a nice smell to it aswell! its great!! and the scent doesn't fade to a biscuit smell either :) x

      Thanks for your comment :)
      Much love

  2. Great review - I would love to try this product! Xx

    1. You definitely should try it you wont regret it! my mum tried it as well n she likes it hehe xx

  3. To be honest I normally wouldn't look at these as they are from Jessica Wright, sometimes her tan doesn't look great. But fruity tans?! I need this, even if it is extra dark I need the coconut one!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. These are fairly new releases so probs not a reflection of her previous tans lol but these do come out great and flawless :) you definitely should try them!!
      I'm thinking of trying the cherry one next hehe :)

      Thanks for the comment :)
      much love

  4. Hi, do you think this tan would be ok for super fair skinned people, please?
    Thank-you x

    1. Hey. My mum tried the light one today she loves it she's fair skinned she said its a nice sutble glow on the skin definitely worth a try :) smells amazing too x

      Thanks for your comment
      Much love