Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Tesco Bargain Buys | A Little Of Everything

Hey beauties...
 So I thought I'd give you all a different post today. Yesterday I was in tescos (I'm always in tesco!) as I needed to get Tia some new Wellies, I know right Wellies in the middle of summer!! Welcome to the UK haha. Anyway as I was snooping around I saw some other nice things that were pretty cheap so me having a spending problem of course I bought them! And I thought I'd share with you all my bargain finds ;) hope you enjoy! 

First off I went straight to the children's shoe section to get Tia her Wellies I let Tia pick out which ones she wanted out of the only two that had her size these were the ones she loved. How cute are they and only £8! bargian!!

While I was down by the clothing section I decided to take a look at the slippers as I noticed that my old pair had wholes in the bottoms of them where I wear them all the time. So i saw these which are the same style as my old ones but just different colour. These are so comfy and practical for around the house doing houeswork ect. and at only £4 you can't go wrong!

While I was looking at slippers I also noticed these, I thought these would be perfect for when I finally get a chance to laze around in the evenings. They are so fluffy and comfortable and will also be perfect for the winter months aswell! These were also only £4 

I then remembered that I needed some more facewipes, I usually got for Simple one but they weren't on offer at the time so I looked around and noticed these, for just £2! I think originally they are £3, so I picked them up anyway and thought I would give them a try. Expect a review soon.

Lastly I walked passed the DVD section and noticed that they still had their offer on selected childrens DVD 2 for £5 or 2 for £8. About a week ago I bought Tia Shrek 1 and 2 which were in the offer so this week I took full advantage of the offer and got her Shrek the final chapter and then instead of shrek the 3rd she wanted Alvin and the chipmunks so thats what I got her. Shrek was meant to be £5 and Alvin was £3 so I saved myself £3

I then went back today and bought her Shrek the 3rd (we were borrowing it from my granddad that's why I didn't get it yesterday) and The ant Bully!
So if you have any young children or if you like children's films I highly recommend getting down to tesco and taking advantage of the offer!

Let me know if you like this post and would like to see more like it!  :) 

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them blow and I will get back to you! 

Speak soon 

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I love reading your blog and have just nominated it for a Liebster Award!

    Gemma xx

  2. So many bargains - will have to pop into tesco more often x

  3. Those wellies are so cute hehe x