Saturday, 10 August 2013

JayTan | Tanning Mitt | Review

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So with the mens tan (review HERE, also check out my review on the womans tan HERE) JayTan also sent me their tanning mitt to try out. 
You can purchase this online at either on its on or they give you the option to add it to your order when you buy any of their tans for just £1.99. 

As you can see the Mitt comes with a pair of disposable rubber gloves. On the back of the glove is brown velvet like material which I think adds a nice touch to the mitt as most tanning mitts tend to look cheep and nasty. The inside of the mitt is nice and soft, no plastic backing which unfortunately means you do need to wear the gloves to prevent tan getting all over your hands. I do like the fact that they do provide you with a set of gloves as you can just wash the tan off them and reuse them if you wish to.

The mitt works great at really buffing out the tan and providing a nice even colour, although due to the material of the mitt you do only need to apply a small amount at a time as a little does go along way and the mitt does keep hold of some of the tan, which does allow you to easily cover your hands and feet without over applying. As the mitt doesn't have the plastic backing on the inside like other mitts do it does mean that the mitt doesn't slide around when applying the tan.
This mitt is 100% machine washable, I have even washed it to see if it becomes misshaped after wash and it doesn't.

I do highly recommend this mitt if you are thinking of purchasing some JayTan as it is very easy to use and also in my opinion will help your bottle of tan last longer as you wont be wasting product.

You can find JayTan on facebook JayTan official  and twitter @JayTan_JGShore
Let me know if you have tried JayTan before and what you thought of it also if you purchased the mitt. 

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