Thursday, 1 August 2013

JayTan | Review & my Thoughts

Hey beauties...
So I was lucky enough to be given the chance to try out and review some JayTan self tanning mousse. Now I'm going to be completely honest, I don't particularly like self tanning. I don't usually like the smell, the colour or when it starts to come off but I thought I would give this a go see how it goes. 
I have used st Tropez spray tan before while I was at college training but that's as far as it gets.

As I hadn't heard of JayTan before, which I'm sure most of you haven't, I decided to do a little background research.

Jay Gardner, one of the main cast members of season 1-3 and currently a returning special guest in season 6 of MTV's Geordie Shore, teamed up with a world-leading producer of high quality tans to launch his own range of tanning products which hit the net in June 2013. As Jay takes great pride in his appearance and enjoys spending time at the salon, not only did he focus on a woman's Tan rang but also a man's range of tanning products, to benefit many men like himself.
Which is a first for the self tanning industry.

There are two scents to the Tans, the woman's scent is crushed coconut and a cool fresh scent for the men's. Both tans are available in four shades, Light, Medium, Dark and Midnight.

The tan I was lucky enough to try out is the Woman's Medium mousse. I received a 200ml bottle which retails at £15.99. The price of the tan varies depending on the colour you chose, as the darker the tan the more DHA (tanning ingredient) is needed, the price only varies by £1 so cant really complain.

On the back of the bottle the tan claims it;
"Provides a healthy bronze luxurious glow"
Which to be honest I was a little skeptical about as from past experience and observation most self tans don't at all. 

The tan definitely did smell of coconut and not your average self tan, however it did remind me of some of the tanning lotions you can buy at the sun bed tanning centres, but personally I like that smell so I wasn't bothered by it.
It has a standard mouse pump which is easy to use and you can control the amount of product that it pumped out. The tan does look a little dark when you pump it onto a mitt ect. but that it because it has a built in indicator so you can see where you have been and if you have missed any patches, this soon fades and blends in so it doesn't look like you have smothered yourself with chocolate mousse.

The tan is extremely easy to apply and is easily blended into the skin especially around the ankles so you are not left with lines where the tan stops and starts. I have only ever applied self tan once in my life before, that was when i was 15 and even for a novice such as myself I found it very easy.
Due to the added moisturisers in the tan after applying your skin is left feeling really soft and hydrated, which is a nice touch as some tans can leave your skin feeling tight.
The drying time on the tan isn't too long either, by the time you get to your arms, your legs are dry (best to apply from the feet up) 

As you can see my arms were already tanned before I applied the self tan which then lead to the tan being too light to make a noticable change in the colour of my arms. Although my arms were darker after in person then in camera, the lighting had changed in my room from when I had taken the before/one coat photos.

I felt I needed to apply two coats to my legs to get them as close as possible to the colour of my arms. I was hesitant at first as I didnt know how well the tan would build up or how dark the tan would develop, but you never know unless you try! To my surprise the tan is nicely buildable and still gives a nice even coverage.

The development time is 8hours and even after 20 minutes of applying the tan you can see it starting to develop.

The next morning my tan wasn't patcher or streaky and still had a nice even coverage. I was quite surprised how dark it had developed for a medium tan, but wasn't too bad after a shower as the excess tan had washed away, I did notice a nice 'V' shape on the inside of my left elbow from where I apparently sleep with my arm bent but that washed away after my shower.

As you can see from the finished result the Tan leave a nice natural looking glow to the skin and really does do what it claims to on the bottle which I am extremely impressed with.
I received many compliments about the tan and when I told people that it was a self tanner they didn't believe me.

I really wanted to get a picture of how the tan had faded after about a week and I am happy to say that the tan faded beautifully, wasn't patchy at all. I shower every other day, or when I've been to the gym, due to the fact that the water dries my skin out a lot. But in a week this tan has survived 6 showers, 2 body scrubs and 3 sweaty gym sessions, and did not become patchy or streaky at all. The only thing I did notice is that it did rub off around my armpits leaving a patch but that is due to the heat and the amount of deodorant I have been applying (my bad) 

As I wore a white top to bed the night I applied the tan, I did notice that the tan does seem to have pink undertones to it instead of your typical green or orange undertones, which is what I think give it that natural look.

Overall I am extremely happy with the product and definitely will be continuing to use it and will also purchase when I have ran out, even my mum is thinking of getting some (if I don't buy her some before hand) and she has also never self tanned before.  I highly recommend this product to everyone as I think this product is amazing and it has completely changed my views on self tanning. I am 100% converted and can't wait to apply my next lot.

They do have tanning solutions available for spray tans and also have a Self tanning spray which I am dying to get my hands on and try out :)

You can find JayTan over at and if you order through their website they give you the option of adding a Mitt to your order for an additional £1.99, which i think is really good as the mitt I picked up from tescos was just a 'cheep' one and that cost me £2.50
If you have any questions you can find JayTan on twitter @JayTan_JGShore 

A review on the mans tan HERE and the mitt HERE

Hope you enjoy this post and it wasn't too long for you all, any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you.

Speak soon 
Much love

**Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review through winning a compition, however it does not effect my review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and have not been forced in anyway!**


  1. I too hate self tanner but this one looks really natural and quite nice :) I haven't heard about this brand!

    I was just wondering would you like to swap buttons? Let me know! :)

    Sinead |

    1. It's so nice to use and doesn't look like fake tan at all worth buying :) x

      Yeah that sounds good ill put IRS up either today or tonight :) x