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JayTan | Men's Tan | Review

Hey Beauties...
So the lovely people at JayTan were nice enough to surprise me by also sending me a bottle of the men's tan. Why you ask? Well I'm not 100% sure but when I thanked them for it, they said I could now try out both products, and who am I to argue with that?! Don't worry I didn't use it on myself, I did however rope my FiancĂ© Oli into trying it out for me (what a sweetheart)  Now let me just clear one thing up Oli is in no way what I'd call a typical "pretty" boy, He doesn't use fake tan or sunbeds or even do his hair (he has a number 1 or 2 all over) so it did take some convincing and pleading from me to get him to try it out.

If you haven't heard of JayTan before you can check out my review on the woman's tan HERE,  where I go into full depth about the brand and its back ground. But here's a quick summery.

JayTan is produced by Geordie Shore star Jay Gardner, and was launched in June 2013. JayTan is the first and only Tanning company to produce a tanning range designed specifically for men as well as having a line for women. If you have seen Jay I think we can all understand why ;) I mean what man wouldn't to look like that hey? (pretend I didn't say that) 
Anyway back on track. Then men's tan has a cool fresh scent while the woman's is crushed coconut. Both tans are available in four shades, Light, Medium, Dark and Midnight.

I received the Man's medium mousse, again in a 200ml bottle which retails at £15.99. 
As the same as the woman's the price of the tan does change depending on the shade due to the darker shade having more DHA (tanning ingredient) in it so therefore being more costly to make. However the price only varies by £1 so can't really complain there.

On the back of the bottle the tan claims it:
"Provides a healthy bronze luxurious glow"
Which is also what is says on the back of the woman's bottle, so I was expecting this to be the same as the woman's.

Now the smell of the tan is amazing! Quite a strong smell but not over powering and it truly does smell cool fresh and reminds me of a man's shower gel, who doesn't like that smell right?

I do like the little male and female symbols the bottles have on them, makes it easy to identify between the two without having to search for some writing on the bottle.

As you can see the mousse on the men's tan appears to be more foamy and lighter then the woman's. The pump is your standard mousse pump exactly the same as the woman's and very easy to use and control the amount of product that comes out. Without sounding sexist it is also easy enough for a man to feel comfortable using, we all know what most men are like with products.

The tan goes on effortlessly and the mousse makes it extremely quick and easy to blend. I did apply the tan on Oli, as I thought it would be best for me to do so. However I do feel that even he could manage to apply the tan. Not to say he's stupid he's just a complete novice when it comes to these things, a true first timer. I did notice the man's tan seemed to be more lighter in texture compared to the woman's which I think is perfect for men, also made it look a lot more natural.
It does have a colour indicator to help you see if you have missed any patches but that does fade when the tan starts to develop.
As you can see the tan looks flawless and just add a nice natural glow, not streaky or patchy at all. this tan is great for men that workout that want to show off a little more muscle definition as you can see on Oli's back in the after picture his muscles look more defined (I have a thing about backs haha) 

The tan has a 8 hour developing period in which the smell does not change and you still get the nice cool fresh scent coming though, I could smell it on Oli while he was asleep next to me. 

The next morning I had noticed that the tan hadn't rubbed off on the bedsheets which is a bonus, however due to Oli's work pattern I didn't see him till he finished work at 4pm the next day. He did have a shower in the morning, to wash of the excess tan.
 When I saw Oli I noticed the tan looked nice, natural and even. Not too dark on him and didn't look like he had fake tan on at all. You could still smell the nice cool fresh scent rather then fake tan smell which is great.
I did try to get pictures the next day but my lighting had gone weird and the pictures didn't come out well. But the colour was very similar to the after pictures above.

Oli said:
" The tan looks great! throughout the day, I had people coming up to me complimenting me on my tan, I had spent the weekend at a festival in the sun, so everyone thought I had caught the sun from there. No one knew or even guessed it was fake tan! I even forgot I had fake tan on at some points. I am very impressed with this tan and it has really surprised me with how natural and even it looks. Self tanning is not really my thing but I will consider using this product again. Great tan!"

The tan lasted on Oli, about a week and that's with him showering every day sometimes twice a day and getting sweaty with heavy gym sessions. The tan faded perfectly, couldn't see any patches or streaks and I hadn't even noticed the tan fading! Oli didn't even moisturise with the tan on and it didn't become flaky or make his skin feel tight, due to the amount of moisturisers JayTan add to their products.

The tan also comes in a solution for spray tans, perfect for salons that have male clients, a wash off mousse and a spray bottle.

This is perfect for any men that want a nice summer tan but can't find the time to sit in the sun and sunbath. So ladies why not treat you men to a nice sun-kissed glow especially with Christmas quickly creeping up on us!

You can order your JayTan via their website at and you can find them on twitter at @JayTan_JGShore

Hope you enjoyed this post leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you!

Speak soon
Much love

** Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review, however this does not effect my thoughts. My opinions are 100% my own, and in this case 100% my partners views and have not been forced in anyway!**

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