Monday, 19 August 2013

100th post | My Make-up Storage

Hey Beauties...
So this is my 100th blog post (technically 101 but I was meant to get this up before my last post oops) so I decided after a few requests I would show you all my make-up storage! you will have to remember my make-up collection is only small as I really only started building my collection in February this year very few of my products I have has since before that (I through out or give away quite a few bits I don't like or use) so hope you enjoy this post!

Let me start off with telling you about my storage draws. they are Muji draws (like most beauty bloggers and youtubers) which you can find online at
I have the wide 2 Draw with flip lid and the 3 draw unit. I am hoping to get a lipstick holder and possible the 5 draw unit (If I can get Oli to buy me a new vanity haha)

So this is the 2 draw flip lid unit which is on the left on my vanity.

On the top of this unit is where I keep my brushes and most worn perfumes, Do you think I love lady million?? haha

On the left side of my desk next to the 2 draw unit I keep my eye make-up remover and my little hand stand which has my Pandora and links of London bracelet's on and a dragonfly necklace my Nan and granddad bought me for Christmas.

As you can see the lid flips up but I rarely use it like this although it does come in handy sometimes, but due to the fact I keep things on top of the draws (probably shouldnt) I do have to lift the lid up slightly to pull the top draw out. Originally I did want the normal 2 draw unit but that wasn't available for home delivery for some reason, but I like this one all the same.
In the top draw of this is were I keep my eye palettes, pencils, mascaras, shadow pencils, my pressed powder and my L'Oreal primer as this is the only draw it fits in haha

Just behind the Unit I keep my Crown Brush 10 Palette Concealer kit, as I don't currently have any space in my draws for it.

The bottom draw of the 2 draw unit I just keep my lip balms, glosses and lip treatments

3 Draw Unit £17.99
This is the 3 draw unit which I keep on the right side of my vanity.

On top of the 3 draw unit I keep my mac brush cleanser, foundation/bb creams, night cream, lip scrubs and a EOS lip balm.

On the right side of my desk next to my 3 draw unit is were I keep my moisturisers, creams, cleansers and deodorant as this is next to my big mirror.

The top draw of the 3 draw unit I keep my naked palette, as I love to keep them on display, my eyeshadow primer, eye cream and any other small pots.

The second draw is were I keep my concealers, blushes, bronzers and eyebrow kit.

Last draw is were I like to keep my lipsticks, a random gel eyeliner that I keep meaning to use, and my travel sized setting spray.

Under my little desk/vanity I like to keep all my hair products in my GHD vanity case (the read one) I also keep my body butters in a little box that had some products in which I got for Christmas. Then on top of that I have a little storage thing, which I got from a random shop in Norwich years ago, this has all my odd bits of make-up like my spares or non everyday make-up and just bits I currently don't have room for and then next to that in the ping bag is my bottle of cocoa brown self tanner. And I just keep my JayTan under the desk aswell.

 I thought I would also show you my little storage basket where I keep my Lush products and next to that I have my Lady Million body lotion.

So that is my make-up storage and a little insight to my collection. 
I hope you enjoyed this post :) I cant believe this is my 100th post! its crazy! I started my blog the last week of Feb and only got really into it seriously since June! I cant believe how far it has come in such a short amount of time! Thank you to each and every one of you for your support and the motivation to keep going! You will never fully know how much this means to me!! 

Also I am now on the lovely world of YouTube so if you haven't already go head over and subscribe! I'll link my latest video at the end of this post :)

Please leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you. Also if you have done a make-up storage post please leave your link below I'd love to see it :)

Speak Soon
Much Love


  1. Love your make up storage. You have so much make up its overflowing. Looks like you need a bigger dressing table ;) hint hint oli! hehe


    1. Haha yeah I'm trying to get him to buy me one and a new set of draws for our bedroom I'm even at the point of saying Christmas present haha ill keep trying ;) lol I actually can't buy anymore stuff as I have nowhere to put them pmsl
      Thanks for the comment :) xx

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  2. great post . .was actually thinking of doing a storage post also . .my make up collection is also small but i am building it up xx

    1. Would love to see it if you do decide to do one :) don't worry this is literally all my makeup. Everything in my draws except one mascara and my black eyeliners and some lipsticks iv bought since feb oops haha! But gota start somewhere right? :)
      Thanks for your comment

  3. You've made me want to organise my makeup again! Need them cute drawers - loved the 3minute makeup challenge video!

    1. Haha do it! You should get them. They're quite cheep :)
      And thanks for your comment :)

  4. lovely post! so the 2 drawer is wider and taller per drawer than the 3 drawer one?

    1. The outer case is the same size as the 3 draw but he draws are deeper they just say wide because they do narrow ones in that style aswell :)
      Thanks for the comment

  5. Lovely organisation! I really need a better method to my madness -_- One day!

    Kate Xx

    1. haha definitely go check out the muji storage :)
      thanks for the comment :) xxx

  6. Ahh I have the same storage as you :) those draws are amazing. I love organising my makeup in them.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    1. haha they are great aint they :) im always sorting my makeup out in them lol just love them
      thanks for the comment xxx

  7. You've got it all sorted, how pretty! Need to get my paws on some Muji storage because my chest of drawers is a wreck.

    Ruby Duchess

  8. Your makeup collection is lovely and so organised. I bet you actually regularly use everything in your collection which is not the case for most beauty bloggers!

    I also enjoyed your 3 minute makeup challenge video, I can't believe how well you did! I'd just totally panic and probably not even finish putting on my foundation!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of YouTube! :-) xx

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog