Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Ready my Tips & Picks #1 | Flip Flop Friendly Feet

Hey Beauties...
I've been getting some questions on getting "summer ready" So I thought it would be a goo idea to start a series of post give you all my little Tips and cosmetic Picks on how to I get summer ready. I decided I would start with the feet as I know a lot of you girls would have neglected your feet over the winter months and now feel that you need to do some pampering to get them Flip Flop Friendly. 
So this is my top items and my little tips for getting Summer Ready Feet.

To start with I recommend exfoliating and filing any dried/hard skin on your feet. Personally my heels and the side of my big toes are the two places I get hard skin. I cant remember where I got this contraption from, I'm actually thinking it came in a set Oli bought me for christmas a few years back anyway if you can get your hands of something like this then I highly recommend it! If not you can always go into your local drugstore/supermarket and pick up the tools individually. I usually do this after a nice bath as then my feet are damp and 'soggy' so to speak making it easy to buff away the dry skin, but it isn't necessary to have damp feet if you don't have time. 

Once the dry skin is smooth I then like to go in and massage my feet using Africa Honey & Beeswax Hands & Foot Butter which costs £10.00 in body shop, I love this stuff! Its very moisturising and doesn't have an over powering smell that most hand/foot creams do and its does double up as a hand cream which is great as you don't have to buy two products, I do like to apply a generous amount of this and I don't rub it in completely. If you have a favourite foot cream you can use that instead you don't have to go out and buy this, I just absolutly love this product and do recommend it. Also in the past I have used just normal body butters for my feet and they have worked really well.

Following that while the cream is still soaking into my feet I like to clip and file my toe nails, lately I have been filing them more then clipping and I like to use a buffing block to do that which you can find on really cheap. I take off any old nail polish that's on my toes, I always have polish on my toes regardless of the season or weather the longest iv been without it is about a 3 or 3 days and that was after I had my wisdom teeth out, then I push my cuticles down using a tool I got in my college kit again you can use any cuticle you have at home and they are widely available in any drugstore/supermarket. After that I go over my cuticles with the foot butter again just to get rid of the dryness around them, then I buff out any ridges you can get one HERE or you can find them again at any supermarket/drugstore.

The final step is nail polish, I always go for dark colours on my toes all year round as I just think it looks better on toes but then thats because I don't like the look of 'naked'  toe nails, looks weird to me. However this summer I have been loving Barry M Gelly Grapefruit on my toes which is still a darkish pink just abit lighter then what I'm used to.

and that is pretty much everything I do to make sure my feet are summer ready and Flip Flop Friendly. I like to try do this little routine once or twice a week, but I don't always change my nail polish, I do that maybe once a month. Yes nail polish lasts about a month on my toes haha. 

However If you have really dry skin on your feet a good idea is to apply a thick layer of foot cream or body butter to your feet and then go to bed with socks on, you have have to go out and buy special sock or booties for this you can just use any socks at all as the moisturiser will just come out in the wash. 

Also a product my mum recommends for really dry and cracked feet is the body shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, which is a best seller on their website. my mums has really bad dry feet and loves this product. 
From what I remember Avon also have some nice foot treatments and products so might be worth checking them out.

I do recommend doing these steps in the winter as well as summer, as in my opinion its too late to prepare for summer when its already here as by the time your feet ect. are ready for summer it will be autumn especially if your in the UK!  ;) although nothing wrong with starting now! better late then never hey ;) 

I hope you like this post. I will be posting these kind of posts every Saturday and I am working my way up the body so keep an eye out for  next weeks as I will be talking about Legs.

As always leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you :) 

Speak soon 
Much love 


  1. I can wear my pedicure for the longest time as well! I wish my mani could stay that long :P

    I've never tried to buff away dry skin, the idea freaks me out! I usually just lather my feet in lotion and hope for the best! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. You should definitely try buffing dead skin ull notice a huge difference :)

      Thank for the comment xx

  2. This is such a fab post, I'm a beauty therapist so I spend the weeks making other peoples feet look lovely but I totally neglect my own feet! This post has inspired me to pamper myself for a change!

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you. I done beauty therapy at college aswell so know what you mean ;) it's just away to share my knowledge and personal views :) I don't do my feet as often as I'd like buy I try to do a little to them :) this might help me do it more haha

      Thanks for the comment really appreciate it!!

  3. These are great tips, looking forward to this series :) I have those sandals too & I love them.

    C x |

    1. Thank you :) Next post in the series will be up in a few hours, I love these sandals so comfortable aint they :)

      thanks for the comment xxx

  4. Great post :) inspired me to do mine xx

    1. Thank you, Keep an eye out for part two should be up in a few hours :)

      thanks for your comment really appreciate it :)