Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RIP Talia Castellano | A true angel


Hello beauties...

I just really wanted to write this post about a truly amazing girl who touched the lives of so many people, all across the world, including mine here in the UK. I'm sure many of you know the sad news, she lost her battle with cancer Tuesday 16.7.2013 at 11.22am. 
Unfortunately I never got a chance to meet her but I did watch her YouTube videos! She was incredible through out! So brave and had such a positive outlook on life! She filled the hearts of so many people with love and happiness! All across the world! Her cancer vlogs were such an inspiration to remember to "just keep swimming" no matter what hardships life throws at you! 

I'm not going to pretend I knew Talia on a personal level but I truly wish I did! As her sister said in a recent video her legacy WILL live on and her name will be heard across the world for the most incredibly brave and talented 13 year old she was. 

She may no longer be with us in person but she most certainly is in spirit! 
One positive that has come from this is that she is in a better place and no longer in pain or suffering! 

RIP Beautiful Angel! May you sleep peacefully!! 

If you haven't heard of this amazing girl please take the time to watch her YouTube videos you can find her channel   HERE

***The picture above is not my own and was used from her facebook fan page HERE. ***

Speak soon.
Much love 

Video from Talias sister on Talias YouTube channel.


  1. Your post is a lovely post sweet :D I never met her also but she was an amazing person who will always be inspirational and like you said will always live on :D

    SLS xx

  2. Thank you, she was such an amazing girl with high spirits xx

  3. Such a beautiful girl inside and out. Her courage is inspiring and even though it's so sad that she's gone her videos still make me smile :) x

    1. she was amazing such a strong person! at least shes no longer in pain of suffering! she will be missed but never forgotten her name will always live on!!