Sunday, 9 June 2013

Superdrugs B. | exfoliating cleanser & Micellar water | Review & mythoughts

Hello everyone...
If you read my current skin care routine, you will know I mentioned I was trying out new products for my skin, if you haven't read it yet you can check it out HERE
So these are the two cleansers I have been using lately.

I have been using the B. Pure Micellar Water the longest about a month and a half now, I bought it in April, so I now have a feel for the product and full know if I like it or not.

I love the fact that its just a plain water there's a very tiny hint of a smell to it but its not strong at all from what I can smell of it it's quite a pleasent smell, just remindes me of cleanliness. 
You just put some on a dry cotton pad and apply to face. You don't need to rinse or anything which is perfect for me as I hate my face being wet (weird I know) 
 I place the cotton pads over my eyes, press on them and let the water soak in for a few seconds then wipe away my makeup it literally takes off ALL my makeup. Granted I have to go over each eye twice but that's only to make sure all the makeup comes off then I go over my whole face to take the rest of my makeup off! Most the time I used my makeup remover wipes to take my eye makeup off and then go over my face with this! I love this stuff it's really kind to the skin doesn't irritate my eyes or face which is a bonus for me! And it leaves my face feeling soft as a babies bum :) 

I then later picked up the B. Refined exfoliating cleanser as I wanted to try something else from their range and it was on offer at the time (can't resist an offer) this one I use in the shower twice a week, like a normal face wash just apply to the face rub in and then wash off (the part I hate the most) 

As you can see if you look closely at the pic it has tiny exfoliating beads they don't feel at all scratchy on the face and dissolve nicely when water is applied. This has quite a medium/strong smell to it, it reminds me of the old Avon eye makeup remover my mum used to use (I think they still do it I don't know)  it's not a bad smell so I don't mind it does make me nostalgic though haha I love this product for the shower I usually take my makeup off with a face wipe before using this just because I don't like to get in the shower with my makeup on. This also leaves my face feeling really soft and clean :) 

The best thing about these products is that they are animal curelty free :) although recently a new law has been brought out that ALL new products sold or brought into the UK have to be animal curelty free, I think these products were brought out before the law changed? I'm not sure though. 
I have also notice that since using these products I haven't been getting as many spots and the tiny cluster of under the skin pimples I had on the crease of my chin has infanct gone :) although I don't think it says on the bottles that it helps with spots? 

I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for drugstore/high street brand skin care :) these are a little bit pricier then what you would expenct from drugstore but only a tiny bit and I think it's worth the extra pennies plus they do have them on offer a lot :) 
I had to travel to bury st Edmunds to get these but when I was in town the other day I did notice the micellar water was on sale in my local Superdrug which I did get a little excited about. 

Hope you enjoy this post let me know if you have tried anything from this brand and what you would recommend! 

Speak soon 
Much love 


  1. I've tried the micellar water and I find it stings my eyes a bit! I prefer the loreal micellar water, I'm posting a comparison of the two later today! :)

    1. Really? It only stings my eyes if I get some of the liquid in my eye but does hurt and doesn't sting alot x ill check your blog out tonight :)