Tuesday, 18 June 2013

SPA find | My experience and purches'

Hello everyone...
So while I was at Butlins enjoying our family holiday, Oli, my fiancĂ©, treated me to a couple of SPA treatment in the spa they have at butlins.
 The SPA is called SPA find, I did have a couple of treatments last year when we came to butlins, so I knew what to expect, but this year I decided I would buy some products while I was there :) 

Last year I had a facial and a deep tissue back massage, but this year they had changed some of the treatments and added some new ones so I decided to try a mini foot treatment which lasted 25 mins and consisted of a nice foot massage and a nice foot masque with my feet being placed in heated booties :) it was amazing, my feet felt so soft after but then we decided to go swimming so that wasn't really the best idea haha was still a good treatment and only cost £25

The next day I had a 2-in-1 treatment which wasn't on the price list last year so I chose to have a back massage and a facial, which cost £35, I thought this was a great idea as last year i had a back, neck and shoulder deep tissue massage which cost £40 and a facial which cost £35, so to have both for a fraction of the price is great!! granted they weren't as long as the others but then you don't need a long treatment.
The therapist started off with the back massage which was just heavenly and then went on to the facial which I actually nearly fell asleep while she was doing it and that's always a good sign ;) After the treatment she recommended some products for me to buy which would suit my skin type and then led me out into the pool and seating area where I was allowed to spend some time just relaxing and I could help myself to tea, coffee or water if I wanted to which I think is a nice little touch :)

So these are the products I decided to buy:

 The first thing I really wanted to buy from the list of the products recommended was theStabilizing Mud Mask 
 This mask is great! I like the feel of it and the smell isn't too bad, not the nicest of smells but its bearable. Its great for normal combination skin and works well at brightening the skin and fighting annoying blemishes! Highly recommend this if you are looking to try any of SPA finds products.

Another product I really wanted to buy was the Stabilizing moisturiser.

 I am always on the look out for a good moisturiser and I love the way my skin felt after both facials I had ( this year and last year) so I really wanted to try this out at home. The website says 'This harmonising moisturiser blends exquisite plant extracts of Coltsfoot, Marshmallow and Wild Thyme, and VMS Complex containing pure Dead Sea Minerals, anti-ageing Vitamin E, B5, Chamomile and Witch Hazel.' It also has a SPF of 23 so also protects your face in the sun :) 
This has quickly become my day time moisturiser, however recently I have been getting dry circles on my left cheek which become very itchy almost like eczema (I get it from time to time mostly in the summer), which this moisturiser wasn't helping so I changed back to my moisture match one which cleared up the rash :/ weird ..

The therapist recommended I try Dermabalance spot treatment
I'm not usually prone to spots I get the odd one or two rarely but since I've been using dry shampoo I have been getting spots on the side of my forehead near my hair line, so the therapist recommended I tried this. I tried and and quite honestly love it! its the best spot treatment I have tried for getting rid of spots before the break out and a tiny bit goes a long way, it is on the pricey side at £11.60 a bottle but I cant see me needing to buy any more for years!

The last thing I decided to buy just because is the Stabilizing Cleanser

I have only used this probably once since I have got it purely because I have been loving my B. cleansers and this one you need to use wet cotton pads and I'm a little lazy when it comes to that as I dont have a bathroom in or next to my bedroom haha BUT! I will get into using this more as it does leave my face feeling so soft and clean after I love it!! 

so that's everything I bought and my thoughts on them and the SPA experience, if you have a SPA find close to you I highly recommend trying them out and trying their products, they are abit pricey but they do the job and leave your skin feeling like you've just had a professional facial after every use.

Hope you enjoyed this post let me know if you have tried any of these products and your thoughts on them.

Speak soon
Much love

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