Tuesday, 25 June 2013

E.L.F | First Order | Mini Haul

Hello Everyone...

I'd been desperately wanting to try out E.L.F products for a long time and although they have a UK website I hadn't seen anywhere that actually stocked E.L.F, If you know anywhere (except london) that stocks it then PLEASE let me know :) 
Anyway Oli said that he would treat me to a cheeky order. 

You can check the UK website out HERE
I didn't make a big order as I didn't have a lot of money to spend and I didn't know how I would like the products so obviously didn't want to spend loads of money and not like anything. 
The first this I was impressed with was how quick it arrived, if I remember rightly it came within about 3 days of me making the order as I did order in the late afternoon so that's still pretty quick. Another thing that I liked as the way it was packaged. You can't see it in the picture as I had already taken it out before I took the picture but there was a layer of  shredded cardboard which I think looks a lot nicer and it less messy then polystyrene. I also like the way they have the products in a bag aswell, I don't know why but that's just something that appeals to me! (I'm weird I know!)
As you can see I only bought 5 things and this all totalled to £16 which I thought wasn't too bad for what I got.  My first impression I was pretty impressed with the size of the products especially for the how cheap they are.  

This Brightening eye colour palette was an impulse buy I noticed this as I was just about to click the checkout, I think it was under the recommended section or E.L.F loves I'm not too sure but what I do know is this was an a steal at only £1. Yep that's right £1. I do like the colours in the palette and they feel of them are very silky and almost feel like cotton wool! the only thing though is they are quite opaque but I have worn them and they do last a pretty long time before creasing. They are not the best eyeshadows but I wasn't expecting them to be amazing considering they were only £1 I will still wear them though and I do like them.

I decided to try one of E.L.Fs blushes as I have hear great things about them and I didn't really have any blushers and they are only £3.95 so I went for a nice pink colour, Pink Passion, Its a stunning baby pink. and these live up to their reputation. I will do a full review with swatches on this very soon!
Now these are the main reason I was so desperate to make an E.L.F order, I have heard a lot of Americans on YouTube absolutely rave about and praise these for a while now, I decided that while I was making an order I might as well pick up the 3 most popular colours. These are £3.95 each and a lot bigger then what they look in the picture, worth every penny! I will definitely be doing a full review on these products with swatches so keep an eye out if you are interested in what I think of them.

Overall I am very please with the service from E.L.F and their prices I will definitely be buying from them again soon!

Hope you liked this mini haul. if you would like to see more haul posts let me know so I can save my recent buys :) 

If you have tired anything from E.L.F or recommend anything please comment below :) 

Speak soon
Much love


  1. The elf cosmetic is normally for online order. But I saw somewhere they actually open the first official store somewhere in the U.S :). Elf cosmetic is very affordable and good to use :)

    Anyway, I tagged you on my Beauty Bloggers Tag post, so come and check it out ;)


    1. o right haha see tells ya how much I know about E.L.F haha i thought you could get it in the US in target or something?

      aww thanks lovely ill check it out :)

      I really appreciate how much you read my blog :) I'm so behind reading blogs atm :( naughty me!

  2. I love some of the elf products! You should try their lip stains. I'm planning on doing a blog post on it soon. They're amazing and their Red Carpet (lip stain in red, surprise surprise...) is a really great night out lip product! Thanks for the post, your haul looks pretty good!



    1. Thank you :) I will keep an eye out for the post on them and i may look into getting some next time I do an order :)
      I will have a look at your blog tonight :)

      Thanks for the comment. Really appreciate it

  3. The blush looks such a pretty colour!

    1. It is very pretty leaves a nice 'flushed' look on your cheeks. Review will be up soon :) xx