Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cosmopolitan Freebie || Phill Smith Argon Oil Cream || Review

Hello everyone..
So a few weeks back I went on a little family holiday to Butlins Skegness, now that's about a 3 hour car drive from where I live so I decided to pick up a magazine for the journey.

I was in Sainsbury's and decided to pick up Cosmopolitan Magazine as that's always been the magazine I tend to buy if and when I do buy them (I'm not a huge magazine reader) and I noticed it came with a sample size (quite a big sample sized) hair product as a free gift well you can't go wrong with that.. Anyway long story short I decided to try out the product while I was away as I knew I'd be near the coast and swimming a lot.

The packaging of the product is very eye catching and although some people might not like its pinkness, I really do I think it makes the product look profession and elegant, The full sized product is called Total Treat, Which to be honest is very fitting as I believe this really is a total treat for your hair!!

As you can see in the picture, unlike most Argon Oils this product is more creamy which I love by the way!! As it doesn't leave your hands feeling oily and greasy! big bonus in my eyes!

 You really do need the smallest about just applied to the ends of towel dried hair and then blow dry as normal. The smell of the product does linger in your hair all day but I don't see that as a problem as the smell is just heavenly and I'm quite happy for my hair to smell like that :)

I have now used this for about a month and everything about it I absolutely love! Its great for damaged hair and if you use a lot of heat on your hair! I honestly cannot say a bad word against it! It leaves my hair not only feeling healthier and stronger but it appears to have more volume and appear thicker, also I have noticed that my hair dries quicker when I blow dry it after using this.

If you was to buy the full sized (available on the Phil Smith website or exclusively to Sainsbury's) it would set you back £10.99 for a 100ml tube!! I know abit on the pricey side but lets face it 100ml will last you absolutely ages!! I do think the "sample size" tube that I have is going to last me a pretty long time!

I believe there is still time to pick up this months cosmo and as far as I have seen the only place that does the freebies is Sainsbury's as i looked in Tesco but no freebie :( 

Overall view:
  • Would I recommend this product: Yes its perfect for damaged hair or just to make your hair feel healthier.
  • Would I buy the full sized product: Yes although I don't think I will need to for a while.
  • Is this product worth the price tag: Yes! and theres not many products I'd say that about!
Have you tried this product? and did you pick it up in Junes Cosmopolitan magazine? Let me know your thoughts :)

Speak soon
Much love 


  1. Lovely post hun! I've never tried anything from Phill Smith but this sounds great! I am always on a hunt for some new hair care products so I may give it a go! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. I had never tried anything from him either. Has never heard of him but so glad I picked up Cosmo and got the free sample ill definitely be on the lookout for more from him :) let me know If you get it and ur thoughts :)
      Much love x