Wednesday, 19 June 2013

BarryM | Gelly high shine nail paint | Review

Hello everyone..

So most of you have heard of the BarryM gelly high shine nail paints if you haven't where have you been?? ;) 

These beauties claim to leave a gel like glossy finish to your nails without the need of a top coat, sounds perfect right? well if your a busy mum like me and don't have time to mess about with waiting for the polish to dry then apply top coat ect. Well there's only one way to find out if a product does what it claims to and that to try it for yourself so I went a picked up a few, granted I got these at different times, but that doesn't matter haha.

The colours I picked up are:

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Pink  I think this is the same
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Light Blue I think this is the same one ?

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint Lychee

You can get these in superdrug or boots, or anywhere that sells Barry M, the retail at £3.99 each.
As you can see from the pictures they do have an impressive shine on them! This is after just one (thickish) coat! I'm really impressed with these and glad I tried them out! they really do leave a nice gel like look and they are really easy to apply! Drying time personally I think they do dry fairly quickly for a polish which is great! and the lasting power is amazing I have managed to keep these on for 4-5 days without any chips and that's with me doing housework, gardening and biting around the edges of my nails! Most nail polishes, even with a decent top coat, chip on me the next day so for me these are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to nails, an absolute life saver!!
I even did get complimented on these and asked if it was Gellish so that's another thing that's impressive for me :) 

If you hadn't guessed already I am extremely impressed with these and definitely think they are worth the money!! If you haven't tried these already then get your butts moving and go try them! you wont be disappointed!!

Hope you liked this post please leave comments below if you have tried these polishes or have yet to try them and I will reply to each and every one!

Speak soon 
Much love 


  1. You picked up some gorgeous colours! I really need to try some of these but I still haven't gotten around to picking them up yet :D Thanks for sharing! xx

    1. Thanks :) I do like my bright colours for spring summer :) yes you need to get these ;) let me know when you do and what colours you chose :)
      Much love

  2. I love all the nail colours!

    1. They are addictive aint they ;) haha x