Thursday, 27 June 2013

30 Day Snap #27 | Monster in the corner.

Hello Beauties...

If you are still unsure what the 30 Day Snap is you can check it out HERE!

So after putting the washing out on the line I came back into the living room sat down thinking "where on earth has Tia gone!" Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a face down the side of the sofa.. and it was this face.. not going to lie it scared the life out of me!! I didn't expect to see a face with an evil grin on it staring out at me from Tia's toys. But then I suppose I should of expected that from Tia! She's a right monkey at times haha.
I just couldn't resist taking a picture and using this as my 30 Day Snap. haha

Let me know what you have been doing today and if you are taking part in the 30 Day Snap then please leave your links below :)

Speak soon
Much love

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